24hr Ultras....? (Read 726 times)

    Can anyone help me? I'm looking for a 24hr Ultra in the UK in 2007/2008. I might also need some hints on preparing for it as I've never run further than 30 miles.... will it hurt? Wink

    You'll ruin your knees!

      Howdy from Texas, Tom! I posted a reply to your submission on the "who all is here" discussion. Basically, I am an ultrarunner (almost all trails) with a little experience and can probably provide enough tips to be dangerous. I'll need more info on the specific event you plan on running... you know, surface, terrain, loop distance, weather, etc. I would think that you will need a strategy for taking walking breaks. And, on that subject, you will need to train specifically on walking to make sure you lose as little speed as possible during your walk breaks AND get a good rest! We can talk more about that later. Glad you're here and look forward to seeing more on your preparations. Lynn B

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        Hi and thanks for your reply. I think I must be mad but.... the 24hr I am considering is on a 400m track. I am just coming back to running after a long break, but am capable of running about marathon distance without too much discomfort. I'm aiming to build up gradually, (and lose weight), until I can cope with 24hrs. I am serving in the British Army and am well used to being on my feet for over 24hrs without sleep. I would welcome any tips on preparation that you, or anyone else, have!
          ON A TRACK???!!! Now I know you're nuts! I get dizzy just thinking about it... Shocked Shocked Shocked

          Roads were made for journeys...


            WOW! They must change the direction in which you run every few miles, right? I would think that running 24 hours and turning only counter-clockwise could really put strain on one side of your body! Big grin
              Yep - I think we change direction every 4 hrs. There are breaks for meal times if you wish, and of course, toilet facilities track side.