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    I've gotten too big to run (I'm almost 8 months pregnant), so I've been using the elliptical. I'm curious as to what runners think about it. I think it's like riding a bike only standing up and I don't feel like it works me that hard (but these days I guess that's okay). Thanks!

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      If you can't run it's not a bad alternative. My brother's hip won't stand up to running but, does just fine on an elliptical. He works out pretty hard too. He does a regimen of weight lifting & elliptical for the cardio. If I had before & after pictures you'd be sold.
        I personally hate it. Maybe it would be better if I listened to music or watched TV - but I can only take it for 5-10 minutes. It is supposed to be a very good cardio workout - almost as good as running even - with less impact. I get the same feeling as you - like running on a bike.

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          I don't like them either, but if you ratchet up the resistance on one of those dudes it can cause some pain and be worth a little something. Some people do love them, though.

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            it is good source of endurance if you can't go out and run but is not a good substitute for running (IMHO cycling is good for endurance and running)

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              A friend of mine works out on an eliptical because of the late sunrise. He has to be at work early. When we run together, he has no problem with pace or mileage. We are training for a half right now. I think it has worked well for him as an alternative. DB

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                I started out on one, and for the first coupla weeks I abso-freakin-lutely HATED the damned thing. I couldn't find a pace or movement/rythm that allowed me to work w/out feeling like I was dancing in a blender. But I stuck w/it and eventually it got easier to do, and then I was able to push myself to where I was working hard every time on it. I actually switched to running only because I felt like I needed a new challenge. I will openly admit that I love running, but it still hurts sometimes. When I work out on the elliptical, I never hurt. Yes, my lungs burn and so do the quads, but I don't get the aches and pains that running dishes out. Of course, with all that said...GOOD LUCK w/the baby!!!! Mike is a GREAT name, btw Big grin

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                  I've spent a lot of time cross training on the elliptical. I generally do an hour w/o. I include sprints, crossramp at different heights, and hard intervals ( 30 sec with 30 sec recovery over 10 - 12 min). I think you can get a decent w/o if you add a little variety. Not exactly the right kind of w/o for you right now. That said, I don't think just elliptical is enough to maintain running fitness if that's all you are doing - it just doesn't work the muscles the same way/ through the same range of motion. Good luck with the baby!

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                    I've gotten too big to run
                    Betsy S ran the day she delivered. 7 miles in PWP. Wink Good luck and please let me know if you need my services in one month and 8 days...

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                      Betsy is a show off! (Actually, I'm terribly jealous of her!) And FYI - I will be having another boy so if you feel like taking a road trip...

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                        I personally hate it. Maybe it would be better if I listened to music or watched TV - but I can only take it for 5-10 minutes. It is supposed to be a very good cardio workout - almost as good as running even - with less impact. I get the same feeling as you - like running on a bike.
                        I hate it too, even with music but it was really a good workout and easier on joints.
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                          It's not my favorite, but sometimes it is my only choice for cross-training. It was hard to get in a rhythm at first, but I eventually got it. You have to start with a low resistance and work up. I like the hill program because it makes it challenging and more interesting. Throw in my music and whatever they have on TV, and I really don't get bored. You can get a really good workout if you ramp up the resistance over time. Kelli


                              I like it for a low intensity workout. I actually prefer the elliptical over a Stationary Bike as I find that after a workout on a bike, my tailbone is sore.
                                Sometimes that's all there is available. I don't want to join a gym when there's running outside Smile and there's a small workout room in my condo building for those days when outside isn't a reasonable option. Unfortunately, 'tis the season for New Year's Resolutions and unfortunately everyone is using MY treadmill. Wink When I started my "fitness journey" I tried the elliptical and once I got the hang of it I jumped off to the treadmill "just to try" and eventually got outside running where I was hooked. Ellipticals are great for cross-training, they can definitely pack a punch on some of the interval workouts and are fantastic when you are sidelined due to injury. I had a stress fracture in 2006 and it helped me keep my fitness level over the 6 week healing time.

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