Mix in Maltodextrin to Water? (Read 107 times)


    Hi, I am trying to find a good source to buy pure maltodextrin so that I can mix it into water instead of buying sports drink. Does this even make sense? AND do you know of a good cheap source?

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      Table sugar works just as well.


        Brewery store or online:




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          Natural foods stores.  Cooking supply stores.  Even some normal everyday mega-mart grocery stores.

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            Glucose and maltodextrin impact the body differently  - glucose requires more water to pass through the stomach/small intestine walls compared to a higher order carb.


            Head over to energygelcentral.com and you can pick up raw ingredients for energy gels as well as two types of premix (caffeine vs no caffeine)


            I bought one bag of each a couple of weeks ago but won't be using for another few weeks or else I'd write up a "trip report" on it.


              I found malto in bulk here: http://mikesmixrecoverydrink.com/buy-products/#m


              A local company, I met this guy at a race and he was willing to talk to me forever about nutrition. He has a cheap sports drink as well.


                I buy malto from amazon by the pound Smile


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