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    I had a friend who was into  Face Reading.  She could tell if you've been boozing or eating bad food by your face.     

    She says it shows.


    Look at Shatner.   



    Speaking of Shatner, have you guys seen his Roast?

    - Anya

      my mom could always tell what i'd been eating by looking at my face. then she'd hand me a napkin.

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        I'm trying to lose some chub out of my cheeks. Right now I have a plan to chew gum at least four times per week. Is it better to chew more times per week, or should I try to introduce more variation in my chewing?


        For the the optimal results I always get with my military and professional sports clients, you must chew at a precise rate of 181 times per minute - for which I have coined the term "strum rate" (stride/gum).  For scientific reasons that I'm unable to divulge because no one can follow my complete mastery of sports enhancement and if I say it, it must be true - hey, BTW, do you have any questions for me?  No, really, anything!   Anyway, if your face is drooping slightly on one side, or otherwise looks a little "uneven", you can actually teach yourself (as I have easily done) to chew with a different strum rate on either side simultaneously.  Granted, this takes some practice but the results of looking symmetrical are well worth it!  This of course is only a small part of my theory and practice of  Bilateral Science. 

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          Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.

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            Speaking of Shatner, have you guys seen his Roast?


            Wow.  This thread was hijacked fast.  By the OP.  In the OP.


            Nice work!


              You can't hijack yourself.


              Well, I mean.  I guess you can.




              I need a shower.


              Feeling the growl again

                 I really want Lance Armstrong cheeks, but I'm uncomfortable with steroids.


                No worries.  EPO is not a steroid.

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                  It was all worth it for this.  An unexpected bonus. 



                  I'm changing web hosting services.

                  I'll try to link to photo from FACEbook:



                  You need to make a funny face at the end of a race! I lost at least a pound of fat off of my face.


                    What you have there has been declared THE BEST RACE PHOTO OF ALL TIME.