Oklahoma CIty Marathon anyone? (Read 55 times)

    Just signed up for the half since I'll be visiting the area. Got a decent deal on a BrickTown Hotel too!


    Anyone else running? This will be my first time to the area and looking forward to the visit.

      I haven't decided yet whether I'm running the marathon or half, but I live in the area should you have any questions.  It's a great marathon, but the weather is unpredictable.  It could be warm, it could be cold, but either way, you can pretty much depend on a south wind, which will be a head wind for your last few miles.


          This will be my 5th year in a row running the 1/2 in OKC.  I absolutely love this race!!! I finally broke 2 hrs last year at 58 yrs old. I just started back to running in 2011 and last 2 1/2's have been PR's! Hoping to do the same in 12 days. My son is going to run his 1st half then too. If you are in Bricktown you won't have far to go to get to the start. I always park downtown where I park for work and walk about 4 blocks to the start. There will be a lot of traffic so try to get there early. The streets will be packed. Oh you will be running right through Bricktown in the beginning. Like Reese said the last stretch is the toughest.   If you look at the elevation chart the first 8 miles or so is the easiest IMO so I always try to run better then and gut it out the final stretch. You will definitely enjoy the race .See you then !! Robert

            That race sucked. An emotional roller coaster ride....It was delayed over 2 hrs. Got real hot at the end. Not many good times that year!


            They delayed the start in 2014 because the weather was so bad.