Filling a Sunday (Read 477 times)


    10:30AM - Ran 2.5 miles in 20:10.  I'm not much of a morning runner.

    1:30PM - Lifted weights - mostly biceps day, luckily one of my easier days.

    4PM - Hockey game.  We only had 6 skaters show up so I played 41 out of 45 minutes when I usually play 17-23 minutes.  I had a hat trick in a 10-10 tie (our goalie had an off day).  Think intervals if you haven't played hockey before.  On a normal night we have 2 or even 3 lines so I can skate hard for 2 minutes then sit for 4.  Couldn't do that yesterday.

    9PM - after drinking a ton of liquids and having a fairly light dinner, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill in 23:42.  It was so tough to get on the treadmill and start, and I was tired, but felt better and looser when I was done.


    This morning I've got a ton of lactic acid in the legs, nothing a nice easy 5-6 miler can't take care of.