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    Looking for a cold weather running jacket. What does everyone use?

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      technical wool in layers, and my simple wind-shell.  Good down to -10F.  Windchill is a bigger battle above the neck.

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      John Wood

        Sport hill ski jacket, works great for running.

          Cold but not raining I use thin Polar Fleece, preferably the kind that has a finer outer surface and the "fluff" next to your shirt. Every company has their version. Target actually sells some decent ones in their house brand. The one I use is made by Hind; 4-way stretch, no pockets, 1/4 zip.


          Cold and raining/snowing I use a thin waterproof shell over the fleece. Mine is from The North Face, squishes down to fit in your palm; most companies have their version using this type fabric. However, running in the rain is in violation of Rule #1 (Don't run in the rain).


          Really cold, below 20 degrees, I wear a thicker polar fleece under the wind shell, and have even worn my snowboarding jacket and pants when trying to "run" in sub zero temps. At that point, you're better off to go to a gym and get on a treadmill.

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            Thanks for the replies guys. I think I'm going to check out the Nike AeroLayer Jacket or NorthFace Winter Warm jacket. Currently I'm running in Under Armour long sleep shirt and hoodie.


              I ended up purchasing the Nike AeroLayer Jacket and Brooks Dash Base Layer shirt. They work really well in cold weather. Ran in 27 degree weather two days ago without issues. Thanks everyone for your help.