Copycat? (Read 496 times)

Needs more cowbell!

    Meh...that place is missing some very important features, namely Eric and the RA members. I'll stay here. Smile k

    '17 Goals:

    • Chemo

    • Chemo-Radiation

    • Surgery

    • Return to kicking my own ass by 2018

    12 Monkeys

      And a good log and a robust store of maps and all the great mapping features... Making a gmap program is easy. Doing all the other things that make this site great is much harder! Go Eric!! What is interesting, I found out about this site from gmap-pedometer, one of the older gmap sites out there. It was advertised directly from pedometer. I wonder if he is trying to get out of the business.

      CPT Curmudgeon

        Hey, did you know RA is listed on Running Times' website?