Glass City Marathon Race Report (Read 430 times)

    Well 2 weeks after failing to qualify for Boston at the Martian Marathon, I tried again at the Glass City Marathon. I wasn't sure how my body would react after only a 2 week recovery. It worked out OK. The day started in the mid 30's with 15 to 20 mph winds. Luckily they were at our back the first half of the race. I managed to run a 1:34:30 first half, knowing that i'd burn up most if not all that cushion the 2nd half. It was a struggle, winds right in your face the whole 2nd half of the race. My cushion continued to fade, I knew it was going to be close again. Happy to report, 3:15:49. I used every bit of what was allowed to qualify. The wind was brutal, but nothing compared to what you'll have at Boston tomorrow. Good luck to everyone. See you there next year.
      Congratulations Mike! Way to bounce back and meet your goal of BQ after only 2 weeks rest. Sounds like you really had to gut it out. I hate the wind!!!! Good Luck in '08.


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        Nice job Mike! That's really impressive to run a BQ time 2 weeks after your last race. BTW, did you like the course and organization/support? I live in Toledo, but haven't run the race yet.
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          Organization and race were great, there's not much fan support out there. Not a very big race, but lots of racers with the 2 and 5 man relay teams out there. They can really mess with your head when they go zipping by you at miles 20 and beyond. I liked the course, there's really only one 3-4 mile section were you run over the same road. Otherwise it's a nice loop course.
            Great job, Mike! Congrats on the BQ.

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