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    I started tracking my runs with an app (RunKeeper), but switched to a watch once I was sure running was going to continue as part of my life. There is no way I will switch back to running with my phone. Luckily for me, the GPS watches will continue to innovate and improve just like phones will. The MotoActv was a glimpse of what the future will hold. Rumor is that a new version will be released at CES this week. That watch did have firmware updates (and I believe custom apps).


    My prediction: 2013 will see some major advances in GPS watches for runners.


    Problem is the watch "fatigue" by being at the point where I'd be getting my 3rd one for what seem like basic functions to me now.  Couple that with device "clutter" in general with the watches, phones, tablets, laptops and all the associated cables and adapters all over the place - I think I'm looking to simplify my life some. That's one other major advantage that I forgot about on the phones - no special cable or Ant+ adapter or other intermediate device like a laptop to get it connected to the internet to upload or download data.  But you could be right...


      I never run with my phone, mostly because I don't trust the battery life.  I do carry my big clunky ipod classic because I like to have my  entire library with me..which I don't have on my phone.


      So I use a garmin, but would love to be able to manually input my run data into RA the same way I do via my computer..but be able to access it through my iphone.  Will be interested to hear the development of such an app.  Thanks!!  Smile


        There's a slightly long winded work around to upload Runmeter gpx files from the iPhone to RunningAhead using iUploader free in the app store.


        In Runmeter Export run, click Open in..., GPX File, then iUploader Free.

        iUploader will open, click Done (it tries to actually open the file), there's a little + (plus) on a tabbed bar. Click it to get a url bar.

        Go to runningAhead.com.

        The remaining steps are the same as uploading a GPX file from the desktop. When you click Browse, it will list files within iUploader. Just select the file you opened.


        iUploader free has a lot of annoying ads, but it gets the job done.


        The same technique should work with any iphone running app that supports "Open in".  I've only tried with runmeter.





        p.s. RunningAhead tech team. An iphone app that registers GPX and uploads directly in one click would be fantastic. Most of us don't need a full blown RunningAhead app, just the hook to upload.

        Thanks for making a great website,


        Chasing the bus

          I upload TCX file from Runmeter by hitting export, selecting email, then email to myself. Then does ave the download to desktop, and upload the file to RA.


          going hunting for iuploader now...

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          Chasing the bus

            Thanks Sam! That works! It took me a few tries to realize I needed to open RA inside iuploader, but after that no prob! BTW, does work with TCX files too, don't know what the diff between the two is...

            “You're either on the bus or off the bus.”
            Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test