Snow running (Read 149 times)

Gator eye

    If it's really cold out a little duct tape over the toes does wonders.

    Needs more cowbell!

      My experience has been that gore tex shoes do a better job of keeping water in than out. 


      I should mention that my opinions apply to my area, so up to about 3 feet of snow and about 10 below 0F temp-wise.


      This has been my experience, too.  I've found that a good pair of medium-weight merino wool socks keep my feet warm, even if they get wet.  And I'm a fan of YakTrax for everything but glare ice.  If it's black ice conditions I hit the dreadmill or nowhere bike.

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        +1 to Zoom-zoom on the socks.  If I have decent wooly socks on, it doesn't matter too much what the shoes are like, with one very annoying exception:  I notice that a lot of lighter-weight, "minimal" shoes have cutouts in the soles for weight savings/flexibility/whatever.  This is mildly bothersome in warm weather, when these holes eventually pick up pieces of gravel and make a clicking sound as you run until eventually it's aggravating enough that you stop, take off your shoes and dig the little rocks out w/a roadside stick.


        In the winter, however, when running slushy icy roads, those holes serve to shoot pressurized ice-cold water up into your shoes from the bottom!  This is a startling and really really unpleasant sensation.  Wool socks won't handle this, at least not for me.  Thus I have dedicated cold-weather shoes w/none of those little cutouts in the soles....