47 degrees and raining - what would you wear? (Read 156 times)

    I'm a merino wool fanboy nowadays too. However, I got some of my wool stuff from thrift shops, mostly in the form of 100% merino wool polo style shirts. The shirts I've got are marked "dry clean only" and I suspect that's why they get donated. I just wash them with all my "tech" style merino wool (lightweight SmartWool, which is a lot pricier than the thrift shop stuff) and merino wool socks on delicate and they turn out fine. You don't even have to wash them that often since they don't retain your stink. Wink

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      I think it's generally unwise to try to hermetically seal yourself, like with the trash bag or a real raincoat, because, yeah, it keeps the rain out, but it also seals your body moisture in.


      Yeah, the bag does not breathe so you can overheat real easy.  But it is perfect for real cold rains (probably too warm for the temperatures that the OP refers to).  It is actually quite effective for running in the rain when temps are in the 30's.


      A rain proof, Gortex type top is awful pricey, too pricey for the mere handful of days that I would actually need it.  So on these days I either rearrange my schedule so I run when it is not raining or I use the bag.


        As skyedog said, running in the rain in the PNW is normal. I have Gore-tex pants that I cut off and turned onto shorts, a Gore-tex type pullover that I cut the sleeves off of (now sort of a waterproof t-shirt)- wear long sleeve tech shirt under,  and any number of hats and gloves- Gore-Tex hat (brim all around) is for the heaviest rain. The feet get wet if the run is very long.


        MTA: after seeing Mr Finn's comment- I got my gore tex stuff either cheap on sale or at the junk store- I always check the coat rack at the Goodwill for waterproof stuff.


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            as another PNW rain veteran...


            A baseball cap + dress for 5 degrees colder than it is.  (so what would YOU wear for 42?)


            I think we are all pretty different on that.  Mikey will wear gloves, but shorts.  My hands get ridiculously hot so I dont wear gloves unless it is in the single digits but I'll wear long sleeves and pants up to  56 degrees (before the sun rises)

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            "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

              I also never wear anything waterproof for running. I don't see a point since I'll wind up soaked either way.

              Runners run.


                47/rainy - shorts, S/S top, windbreaker vest, baseball cap, wool socks (SmartWool, Point6, merino, etc.). Gloves? Maybe, though once they get wet my hands feel miserable anyway. Depends how well they breathe and how hard it's raining.


                And grippier shoes if you have them. For me the racing flat of choice on a day like this would be my Nike Shield Free 3.0s.