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    I'm planning my first half in June.  I've been trained for the distance before, but I managed to get injured (the first time was a fluke accident, the second was my own fault for over-training).  Anyway, I've been following Higdon's Novice 2 plan, which calls for x-training one day a week and 4 days of running.  It's been working great til this point as I had hockey once a week, but the season ended this week leaving me with only 4 days a week of training.  What should I do now to x-train, or should I just put an easy run on that day?  (I've done 5 days a week before, so I know I can do it).

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      I think the key is just to find something that isn't going to trash your legs so you can still get your workouts in.  Is there something else you like to do?  It seems to me like a lot of runners like to bike or swim for cross training for aerobic cross training.  You could also do some weight lifting, yoga, or pilates if you want to focus on improving your overall strength and flexibility.

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        HH plans have you x-train -or- go for an easy run.  Go for the run to build base miles.

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