Crafty Runners--I Need Your Help (Read 248 times)


    My SO & I are expecting our first child in October, and we are super excited, of course.  I had an idea of making baby bibs out of the racing bibs that my SO wore on her belly at races during her pregnancy.  (One in which she placed 2nd in her age group at a 5k trail run while 5 months pregnant!)  I know that people make bags and blankets and all kinds of things out of racing bibs, so I know there must be a way to make a baby bib out of one, but I have no idea where to start.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks!


      Not exactly crafty, but the easiest way would be to buy a plain baby bib from a craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michael's, etc.) and then scan the race bib in and print it as a photo transfer. That way you could add any race details on the computer before you print it.


      Just my two cents.




        I have a couple of ideas for incorporating race bibs into baby bibs, and one reservation. First, my concern. Most race bibs are printed onTyvek or similar material, which is good because it will withstand a few washings before falling apart. But Tyvek isn't the best material for the front of a baby bib because it won't absorb liquids. IME, the best baby bibs have a waterproof backing on an absorbent front.


        Assuming that you want to make a few bibs for "show"  rather than utility, I can think of two ways. One, you could buy inexpensive solid-color baby bibs and appliqué stitch a race bib on the front. Alternatively you could trim a race bib to a more typical baby bib shape, then sew bias tape around the edges to frame it and act as ties.


        Have you thought about using race bibs to construct/decorate a diaper bag?


          Good point about race bibs not being absorbent.  I may have to rethink this one.  It sounded like such a fun idea.


            Congrats on your new addition!! I don't know about bibs, but mile22bags.com makes a variety of bags using race bibs. A diaper bag that could be doubly used as a large tote would be fun!



            Bless your heart.