Smart Phone Measure Route Function (and Interval question) (Read 42 times)

    Periodically, I find myself trying to log a run on my iPhone. I don't use a Garmin and I only infrequently run the exact same run twice. Thus, I am always mapping my runs and inputting the data into my log.  However, when measuring a route on my phone, I don't seem to be able to scroll over and see my net distance, or, in other words, the left side of my screen is cut off and I can't drag the distance box to where I can read it. Is this just an iPhone problem or is there some trick I can use to accomplish this?


    Why do I need to assign a name to my intervals before I can save the log entry?




      The training log is not yet optimized for mobile devices.  The map adds an additional layer of complexity in that you drag the map to pan it.  The drag is also interpreted by the mobile device as panning, but for the page.  I don't know of any tricks to do this at this point.


      The intervals need a name so that it would facilitate searching.


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