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Menace to Sobriety

    Only had a chance to skim this so far, but it looks interesting.




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      Pretty consistent with what Noakes says in his new book Waterlogged.


      One thing they don't emphasize there, however, is the definite performance advantage of carbs in endurance events. It's the electrolytes and quantity of fluid the sports-drink manufacturers want you to drink that's the snake oil.


      There's some discussion of this article by the Science of Sport guys on their facebook page. (But note that Ross Tucker, one of the Science of Sport guys, is a former student of Noakes.)

        When we consumers hear the word "Science", we have a big propensity to think it's Science, and we buy.

        Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


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            Good read.


            I think the biggest thing that stuck out was the lack of GOOD science that has been done in the area, and the terrible quality and small size of most of the studies that have been done.  Of course that is typical of human physiology studies for a number of reasons (some hard to avoid, some very easy to avoid).


            I've always been skeptical of studies done solely by places like the "Gatorade Institute", there is always the potential for bias when money is involved.  There is no regulatory body governing these types of studies to try and keep them valid despite the bias of the group providing the funding or anything.  For the same reason, since Noakes is trying to sell a book related to his view on the topic, his position is taken with equal skepticism.  So I appreciated the BMJ contributions to the article's points.

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              There does seem to be a lack of concrete scientific studies in this area.  I once heard somewhere that Powerade was better than Gatorade because its sugars are more easily absorbed, therefore fewer cramps if you drink it while exercising.  I wonder if that is even true, of if its just some telephone spinoff corporate marketing.