Mizuno Inspire 4 (Read 651 times)

    Anyone tried these yet? Opinions??
      I have the Inspire 3's and I like 'em. I really liked the 4's, too, but they didn't have them in my size at the wee running store I went to.

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        My wife just got a pair and has run in them 3 or 4 times now and is pretty happy with them. I got a pair of Wave Rider 10's and also like those. Both of us previously wore ASICS Nimbus.

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          I put nearly 500 miles on my 3's and was hesitant to give them up. I went this week to get the 4s and as I was trying them on the guy brought out the ASICS DS-Trainer 13 and I couldn't believe how well they fit. I'd never had a shoe (of the dozen I tried on over the past year) that fit better than the Wave Inspire 3; until now. I'd recommend a DS Trainer on one foot the Inspire 4 on the other and hit the treadmill in the store. I was shocked at how supportive the DS was considering it's almost 2 ounces lighter. The DS had better cushioning too.