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rather be sprinting

     yeah tom, and scap. she also knows a boatload about this.


    Aw, a shoutout!  Hi guys!  Great discussion.  Also, how weird is it that you look no different at different weights?  Hmmm... sorry if that offends.  You're ripped either way.


    I was a lifter before I was serious about running, too. As others have said, I am finding that periodization is really important.  For instance, for the past couple of months I focused on getting my 1RM up for squat and deadlift while keeping my mileage fairly low (20-25 mpw), then began incorporating explosive moves, which double as conditioning, like kettlebells.  Finally, I recently started to learn the Olympic lifts. While Oly lifting is technical and I'm only a beginner, even the accessory exercises have begun to make a difference in my top-end speed. Stronger legs, core, and posterior chain can help you increase cadence and open up your stride.  Both lifting and hill sprints can do that.  Actually, a lot of people (Canova, Brad Hudson) consider 10-second hill sprints to be strength work.  I try to add them to the end of 1 run a week.


    Actually, in terms of getting lean, I think intense sprints 1-2 x per week is pretty much the best way to both improve your aerobic capacity and lose fat.  But I have never been able to do a lot of sprinting while trying to gain strength.  It's just too hard to get my legs to turn over like that with 1-2 heavy leg days a week.  I just really have to break up my strength training and my explosiveness training... and also I can't lose fat while gaining strength so I am only doing that NOW as I begin to shift from strength to power/speed/explosiveness. It seems more complementary.



    Another thing I have been wondering about recently is muscular endurance.  I struggle with it myself and find that 5-12 reps just don't give me enough.  Which is another reason I think strength building is a good foundation but just not strictly applicable to running.  Actually even doing high-volume high-rep (16-20) squats and deadlifts just tends to fry my legs.  :/


    The  other thing is, which is easier to lose: strength or aerobic conditioning? Personally I lose aerobic conditioning first if I let my miles lag.  Strength hangs around, especially if I am doing hard running intervals that double as strength building.  But maybe it is different for you.  I read an article on this earlier but cannot find it!

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        I've been trying the heavy weight stuff on non-running days as I build back mileage after calf tear and weight gain.  I dont think it would put you in PR shape (as others have noted, better to spend extra time running), but I do believe good over all fitness combo and a good base to work off of as you move towards traditional base training.


        I think we in the over 40 crowd could benefit more from weights/hills as the wear and tear adds up over the years.

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            im glad I stumbled on this as I am also lifting 3 times a week to increase strength. I do back on mon, arms on wed and chest on Friday. Since I run I don't do any leg workouts. So far I have seen and increase in strength and not any gain or loss in weight.


            I have not noticed any change in my running since I started lifting. I usually lift around 2pm and run around 9 or 10 pm on the days I lift. I try to run earlier sat and sun.


            I am averaging about 20-25 mpw. I know that 3 weeks ago I could not do any pullups and today I did 4 (not together but through the course of the day) so it seems to balance out for me.


            I am not an expert on either so just wanted to share my expirence.


            does anyone here supplement?