what is your finish face look like (Read 6358 times)


    This is an extra post.  There is nothing to see here.  Move along.






      Did you run into a cloud of noxious gases at the finish line?  



      THATS IT! See, I was going to make a 'fart face' joke about that pic, but it didn't seem exactly like a "hey, I farted!" face. Couldn't figure it out. That's it. It's the "Oh man, that's just nasty" face that comes with walking into The Cloud. And I don't mean the microsoft "the cloud".


        A cloud of farticles, methinks


          I'm not sure whats up with the "fonz" look, but I can't stop doing that. I run that way all the fing time.


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            Why are you running backwards?





              I'm not sure whats up with the "fonz" look, but I can't stop doing that. I run that way all the fing time.


              Toast, there's the Fonz look.  Then there's the crazy Batman tilt on the pic... that's always fun.


                I typically would never do a thing like this, but so many before me have volunteered themselves..

                  are you looking for some brains to eat?

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                    yea 5k's are fun....

                      I finish stupid...



                      Bighorn!!!    I LOVE that race!

                        See, not racing = Big grin 

                        Racing = Sleepy


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                            hardrock ?

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                              hardrock ?


                              Yeah.  Was hoping to finish before the kids went to bed... barely made it.  Big grin