Best paid running apps (Read 71 times)


    I use the free versions of Garmin Connect, Strava, Runkeeper and Training Peaks. Which one makes the most sense to upgrade to the paid version? A coach would be nice but improved metrics would help, too. TIA

    "may you be halfway up the hill before you realize you are running one"

      Not exactly a scientific endorsement, but Training Peaks has been a joy to use for me. One glance at the Overall Fitness chart made immediate intuitive sense out of fatigue versus fitness, periodization, etc. A dozen somewhat confusing written articles transcended by a single chart. I love it.


      I look at my Polar software, and that's where all the data is coming from after all (Polar M430), but the way Training Peaks summarizes my workouts along with listening to my body gives me the most solid sense of where I'm at.