Uploading large file (Read 40 times)


    I have a large file in a Polar V800. Usually I export as a TCX file then upload into RunningAHEAD. However, this particular file results in a message saying it's too large and I need to zip it or contact Eric.


    I emailed Eric but didn't receive a response.


    When I zip it, I am not sure which service to indicate it came from (e.g. Polar, Run Keeper) and receive error messages no matter which I try. I did try to use the Polar importer but nothing appeared.


    Is there any way to get this uploaded?

      Hi Terry,

      I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to reply.  I saw the email when it first came in, but it got lost in the inbox.  I have a filter for emails coming directly from RA.  Since you contacted me directly, the filter wouldn't work.  Anyway, you should upload using the TCX importer because it's a TCX file.  I tested the file you sent me and it imported.


      eric Smile