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    I just got my issue, my interest piqued by this discussion.  I must say that Padilla displays excellent form, about to land very nicely on her midfoot/forefoot.

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      I told Mrs. Stadjak that it was Magill's 5K training article that made me subscribe to RT today . . . but I can't deny that this thread played a part.

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        Dang, now I can't take my eyes off it..... A FREE trial issue !!!

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          I don't have the magazine but I think this is the booty in question in Pete Magill's hill training video (specifically the very opening shot).



          Since turning 40 she's been breaking a number of masters records.


          I never forget a face.


          The "acting" in that video is so lame it borders on self-parody. Hill running is pure magic, though.

            As long as we're thanking Rodale, I'd like to also thank them for the cover photo on the May issue of Runner's World.  That Texas gal's midfoot strike looks pretty fine to me!

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              Yay! Gracie finally showed up on my Kindle. ...and I might add, there are 10 nice photos of her inside. Smile

              Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.