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    What do you all recommend? I just restarted week 1 of the C25K after quitting running for a year... but I want to supplement the running with something during the off days. Is this a good idea for when you are first starting out or is it wiser to take it easy on the rest days? Thanks so much. Smile Katie
      well I'm not expert, as very few of us are, but I think it sort of depends on your personality and your will. Are you feeling like you want/need to be excersizing more than 3-4 runs a week? If the answer is yes, then by all means I would reccomend doing X-training... definately don't start running more days/week than your plan calls for or you risk injury (If I had followed my own advice I wouldn't be injured right now!). I've been swimming the last week and find it really great because its zero impact and gives your upper body a good workout, something running neglects to do. Bottom line though, if you're feeling mentally drained, stiff and sore, or absolutely beaten up, take the day off... don't risk damaging your running for X-training! Best of luck with program!
        I like to do strength training for my legs on off days (1 or 2 a week)- with the goal of building muscle to avoid injury. Squats, lunges, etc. Also stomach trianing to keep my core strong. I had ankle surgery last August and do yoga to keep that stretched 1 or 2x a week. like today I need to since I did a long (for me) run yesterday
          I think it's a good idea. Strength training can help prevent injuries. In addition, as a new runner your core probably needs strengthened which will give you getter form and a strong back and shoulders improves arm swing. I do Power 90 but that is a pretty big commitment. A simple strength training routine a couple times a week should be enough. Don't ignore your upper body though.
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            What is power 90? I do yoga, kettlebell training which is a combo of strength and cardio conditions. KB are great for core strength too. I'm also doing some upper body, body weight stuff (push ups, pull ups and digs) and I am working on my squat form which is crap due to low flexibility. I also walk whenever I can. During some of the weeks of the C25K I didn't do much other than run because the running wiped me out other weeks I was feeling stronger. I would recommend listening to your body and if you get to the point were the running seems to be getting harder and harder then ease off on the Xtraining, your running speed, or both. That is what got me through anyway.
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              What is power 90?
              It's a dvd program that alternates calisthenics style cardio and weight training. I'm seeing huge results and getting ready to move to P90 Masters and then attacking P90X but it's a 6 days a week bootcamp type system.
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                What do you all recommend?
                More running.

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                    Smile cool deal.... thanks for all the advice..... i am going to start doing some weight training and elliptical on the off days. sparky thanx for the heads up... i was going to add more days to my running because I thought 3 days wasn't enough.
                      I added more days started after several weeks of C25K. But I was also doing a lot of Xtraining. The whole point of C25K is to get you running while giving your body enough time to stregthen so you don't get hurt. Make sure you give your joints time to strengthen. Your muscles and lungs will feel strong enough before you actually are unfortunately and I learned the hard way.
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                        Turtlechick, how's the C25K going for you so far?





                          Just wanted to say thanks for all the great tips from another new runner! Big grin

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                            hi Kerry... We finished week 3 on saturday and i'll be out the door in a couple of hours to start week 4. Smile I am loving this... My gf and I registered for the Princess 1/2 in March of next year and then we're going to try to do the marathon at the end of march next year.... i know big goals for only being in week 4 of the c25k. did you start out with the c25k too? and again thanks to everyone for all the great advice. Smile


                              swim... It'll help your breathing and core for running. also if you ever decide to do a tri you'll have a good starting point.

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                                I'm gonna go with more running.