New BMI calculator proposed (BBC) (Read 342 times)

    saw this and thought others may like to use it:


      Yeah - I had seen that, but I'm not sure it's helpful if we have two different BMI measures... just confuses everyone. Better for people to understand the limitations of  BMI.


      But mine is significantly lower with the new calculation Smile

        Mine didnt change much.

          i certainly prefer the new one because it puts me in the middle of the healthy range, as opposed to right on the line with "overweight"  :-)

          A Saucy Wench

            I'm short so mine went up.


            I liked the original version way way way way back that never gained any ground because it was a complicated formula using weight, hip circumference and height for women and I think waist and height for men.  did a better job of figuring out if you were muscular or flabby

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              Looks like I went from roughly the middle of normal to roughly the middle of normal (though slightly lower).

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                Yeah, mine didn't change much.  My best running weight with my frame is between 175-180#, and that still puts me more than safely in the overweight range.


                I guess my moniker will have to stick around through a couple more iterations of this formula Cool

                STILL HAVING FUN!!!

                Princess Cancer Pants

                  Old: 24.55 - healthy

                  New: 25.03 - overweight


                  And I'm currently rocking a size 6-8.

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                    I'm still overweight. I should start running or something.

                      I'm still overweight. I should start running or something.


                      How about growing a few inches?


                        How about growing a few inches?


                        In which direction? Some are easier than others....

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                          "The change means that some tall people previously deemed "overweight" are "normal" under the new proposal, and some short people who were "normal" are now "overweight"."


                          Pays to be tall now, I guess.

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                            Old: 20.45

                            New: 19.52, low end of normal.  I should drop a bit of height.

                            Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


                              Your new BMI: 17.84

                              Your old BMI: 18.16


                              I'm never normal, even less so now...