I found my stride!!! (Read 1189 times)

    It was a mgical moment for me. After reading for months and trying for as long to get that mystical "stride" that you're supposed to have when running, I discovered mine. I had all but given up, convinced it was a bunch of malarchy and something that only those with coaches could develop. Oh, but there is was and I could feel it immediately. I'm faster and I don't get as tired. Oh happy happy joy joy! it's true!!! I "heart" my stride!
      I'm faster and I don't get as tired. Oh happy happy joy joy! it's true!!! I "heart" my stride!
      Isn't that a great feeling?! I'm still trying to get my comfortable stride to be faster but I seem to be stuck at this one!!


        There are some points in my run where I feel like I could just keep going on forever and ever and keep up that pace, but usually I start getting cocky thinking I have my stride and for some reason change and lose that... Hopefully I can find mine soon, but great for you!!!

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          Well, I lost mine! If you find it, please return it to me. Tongue Really, I've been struggling lately.

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            Every once in a while, mine goes on vacation too. Perhaps there should be a lo-jack service for strides, so they never get far. I'll keep my eyes out for your missing stride though. No promises I can catch it! At least not until it cools down a bit.

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              I think I might have found my stride. Problem is if I think about it while I'm running I lose it. Sad
              No matter what happens, I'll keep running.