Could I run a Marathon on 40 MPW??? (Read 1537 times)




    with your running history & base mileage over the last several years you s/b able to do your planned Sept/Oct marathon.on 40 mpw.  all those built up miles is money in the bank & reading your posts here on RA I know that you will come up with the right sensible plan that works for you.



    train wisely, be consistent & go for it!!


    RA folks will be here to support you just like you have supported many others here over the last few years. 

      I don't recall ever finding the last 10K easy.


      In fact, if you find the last 10k easy, I would argue you didn't do it right.


      To John, yep, you can do it.  Heck I've got office mates here who routinely do it on 30 mpw -- not very fast, but they do it.

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        The past two years I have gotten injured while training at over 40 MPW (PF this year and last year Peroneal Tendonitius).....but I seem fine if I stick right at the 40 MPW level, and think I can run that mileage week in and week out.........(Im currently just building back after my PF)


        I'd like to run a marathon in 2012 as I turn 60 in June (thats a little hard to put down  Cry but I'd like to prove that I'm not getting older, I'm getting better Smile) ..........but have always thought I'd want a base in the 50's (or more) and that 40 MPW really isnt enough..  


        So, I'm looking for advice from some of the RA marathoners..........Do you think a base of 40 MPW is adequate for me to run a marathon in late September or October.  Or do you think 40 MPW is just not enough and I should stick to shorter races???


        I'm not expecting any great time but would like to average somewhere in the 9:30 to 10:00 per mile (4:10 to 4:20 or so for the marathon)....


        Thanks in advance for your replies....




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          I BQ'ed on 40mpw. Did do 12 weeks at  ~55. (3:37:38)

          PS: 1996 miles 9/2010-- 09/2011 --- 5 marathons --- 6 ultras BQ - 09/2011


          Same here.  BQ'd on 42 mpw, and BQ'd again at Boston on 40 mpw.  4 running days per week, 2 cycling days ( a spin and a long ride) and weights 3 times per week.  Throw in a swim day or two and some yoga to keep things limber.


          Much kinder to an aging body to mix it up.  Pounding takes a toll.  Run smart with some speedwork and negative splits on long runs and you can run and race without a lot of mileage.

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            If you're willing to run 40 mpw week in and week out for months, that's also a different thing than some people (not pointing to anyone here!) who say they ran one on 40 mpw but what they really meant was that 40 mpw was the peak mileage they reached for 2-3 weeks during the buildup.

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