What made you get into running? (Read 883 times)

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       To help stay in shape!  You know, to feel good, look good, and have more sex  (with DW) Big grin 

        To help stay in shape!  You know, to feel good, look good, and have more sex (with Run Pepper's DW) Big grin 


        No, but seriously ... I dunno.  I started because of a girl, but I got into it because of the running itself.

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          Like most I started trying to lose weight and just get more fit. Had a co worker around my age who had a heartattack, and was also a smoker and this put a scare in me , I was also a smoker. I didn't actually start running I started walking and thought that would do it, I was 40 at the time and although I was in somewhat good shape I did not do any kind of exercise. After the walking thing for a few weeks I got really bored so I started the jog thing a little and well the rest was history. I'm 57 now and after 20 some half marathons and 8 full marathons I'd say I was hooked, Now it's a life style and is just part of a daily routine.

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            I started running when I hit my mid-life crisis. I couldn't afford a red corvette and the wife wouldn't let me have the cute girl friend so I settled with running.Roll eyes


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              I was a 41 years old, 223 pound couch potato. I needed to do something to motivate me to take off the weight. I ran cross country in high school so I decided to make one last attempt at running in my adult life. That was July 2011. Now, I am 150 pounds and in great shape.

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                I had recently quit smoking and had put on a bit of weight.  I was also going through a rough emotional time, and couldn't turn to cigarettes, so my son asked me if I'd start running with him.  He kept running with me for a few months until it became a habit --- for me.  He doesn't run any more, but I have hopes that one day he will again!


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                  48 years old, BP 182/110 , 240 and I'm only 5'7,  it was time to do something. Now I'm 204, hit 198 for a few days but that was short lived..Still 5'7 though.

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                      I had wanted to quit a nearly 20 year smoking habit but didn't know how to do it because it always kind of made me feel like I was 17 again. Then one day I went and watched my wife race a 5k and I remembered what it was like, running on the cross country team before I ever started smoking - that urge to compete - and I realized I'd found another way to feel like a kid. The change was as easy as my breathing is now.


                        Initially because I sucked at weight training, and needed to look busy at the gym. Then it was the damn cholesterol numbers that kept me going. Now I do it because I'm afraid I won't be able to get back on the horse again if I stop.

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                          Started in order to help deal with stress while in law school.  Now I get stressed if I don't run.  It's such a part of who I am now that I can't imagine not being a runner.


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                            I started running to quit drinking.


                            It didn't work.

                              I started running to quit drinking.


                              It didn't work.


                              Hardly.  Look at the company you're keeping here.

                              Well at least someone here is making relevance to the subject. - S.J.


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                                Quitting smoking and not wanting to get fat...I think it mostly worked.