Minimalistic Shoe Sizing (Read 44 times)


    Good Morning!


    I am trying to decide of sizing for the Merrell Pace Glove 2 (my first pair of minimalistic style shoes).


    The 6.5s fit great through the toe box (plenty of wiggle room) and feel amazing throughout but my big toe grazes the front when I wiggle my toes (no socks).


    The 7s are large through the toe box (the extra material creases into my toes) but there's plenty of room length-wise. Slightly more than a thumb nails width.


    Hubby, who runs in FiveFingers, says my toes should graze the front with minimalistic sneakers.


    Any thoughts?





      I had a pair of these, and my second toe grazed the front when I wore them. This translated to pounding against the front of the shoe when I ran, and I ended up losing a toenail.  I'd be wary of any friction like that, though it doesn't sound like the 7s feel great on you either.

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        It's best to go up in size than to have a shoe too small - especially if the smaller shoe may cause blisters. A large toe box is a good thing because it allows your feet to move more naturally.


        Be careful with the Merrells. I bought a pair and they felt great in the store, but later when using them they turned out to be too small and I stopped using them.

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