Could use some input on my long run HR numbers. (Read 103 times)


    Here's the lowdown.   I'm 41, I run 2-3 times a week, but am involved in other endurance and strength activities.  Resting HR 51 upon waking (65 sitting still during the day), max: 191  (observed so far)  I recently got a garmin and have been playing with the HRM.   My standard run is 5-6 miles of some form of threshhold or speed work, but I've been neglecting the long run.   So today I decide to go for 8 miles at a 9:00 pace trying to keep my heart rate at 150-160.   This goes well for about 4 miles, then my HR steaily increases (cardiac drift, I presume).   However, my percieved exertion doesn't go up by much even at the end.   I wind up doing 9 miles (long for me, and the most since the Richmond 1/2 a few months ago) and  feeling strong enough to do at least 1 more mile.   However, at mile 9,  my HR was 175!!!     I did however manage to average 9:00 miles, with my last one being one of the faster miles for my 1hr 21 min run.


    ANYWAYS......   my intention was to add to my base fitness,  to what extent does such a significant cardiac drift affect base training, and how far into CD does one need to go to to see the full benefit of a long run? Or should I have slowed down when my heart rate went up?


    Thanks in advance. for the input

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      I suspect that your MaxHR is significantly higher than 191.


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        How did you feel? Did it still feel easy when your HR told you the HR was 175bpm? My Max and resting HR is similar to yours, but if my HR is 175, I know I'm working hard.

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          Have you checked out Mark Rice's HR page?

          It's here:  http://www.markrice.com/running/heart_rate_training.html

          Lots of good info.

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            My understanding is that the sweet spot for long runs is between 70-74% of max. Based on the numbers you provided, your run today peaked at almost 90%. That should be near your max effort for a 10k race.


            This spreadsheet might interest you. You can customize it to your numbers and to zone recommendations from Daniles, Hadd, and Pfitzinger.




            What are you basing your Max HR on?


              I only got my hrm about a month ago.   I based my max on what started out to be just a "run" with no set agenda, just enjoying being outside.   But then I felt really good, and the last 2 miles were about my recent 5k race pace of 7:30's finishing up with a a 1/4 mili-ish "push" where I noticed right at the end that I was losing steam.

              I felt really good at the end of my 9 miler today, all of my miles were within +- 15 seconds of each other (it was windy) I wanted to keep going but heeding the avice of others more knowledgeable than I, I didn't want to ramp up my mileage all at once.

              I have gotten myself into the habit of "finishing strong', making my last mile or whatever repeat that I'm doing faster than the previous ones.    My running numbers arent great, but I have a bum big toe that doesn't let me push off of it quite right, so I can't put in high mileage without risking injury.

              ANYWAYS....  Do I have to go over 90 minutes to see the real benefits of a long run, or is it time into cardiac drift?

              I wish I knew how to post my Garmin connect numbers to give people a better Idea of what I'm doing.     Funny, a bit off topic, but My main sport these days is stand up paddling, and my race pace HR is 140 BPM whereas others that I've talked to have a race pace HR similar to that of their running HR of 170 or so.    I recently won a local SUP race so I don't quit know what to make of it.    HMMM.


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                My Max and resting HR is similar to yours, but if my HR is 175, I know I'm working hard.


                Same here.   If my HR is above 170, I'm doing intervals or am in the latter stages of a tempo run.  I would guess that your max is higher than 191.

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