Simple running app with virtual personal trainer - RUNchievment WP8 (Read 23 times)


    Hello Everyone!


    We run a small app development company called Floppy Disk Apps and we’re looking for beta testers for a really simple running app called RUNcheivment [ imaginative, non? ;-) ] There are no maps or calories burnt statistics or friends. It’s just you and your high score: We’ve found it’s helped us build on our own running (the whole point of developing it). We noticed a complete lack of any simple and easy to use running app for Windows Phone 8’s so we made our own. It’s just that simple, headphone(s) on (optional), press the button and just go!


    At this early stage it’s the feedback from our beta testers that really matters – you can leave your mark on this app and have your name in the credits forever. It’s currently free to try! All you need to do is to sign up at our website (http://www.floppydiskapps.co.uk/runbeta) and you’ll get a link to download it to your phone within the next few days Smile

    You even get to contact us personally on our emails whenever you want for ALL feedback – good, bad and ugly Wink and of course on these forums where we’ll be replying as soon as possible to everything you write for us below!


    Looking forward to hearing from you guys,


    Henry – Floppy Disk Apps (Head of Development)