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    I used to be a pretty active RA-er and then...well, I don't know what then. I NEED to get back to a running routine. It works like meditation for me.


    But I'm discouraged.


    1) I'm pretty sure my trusty Mizuno Wave Inspire 2s are shot. I mean, they're 4 years old, about 350 running miles on 'em. I was wearing them with Arch 1000s. (I'm a lady type, and I pronate at the ankle, not the arch). And my knees started aching HARD after even a short run. So I went to a running store finally and ended up with Brooks Dyads with a berry superfeet insert. Thought they were comfy for my little parking lot jog, but within 5 minutes of my run today, my right arch was unhappy and my shins were starting to complain. Dangit!


    2) After a long hiatus, I started up running again. Set my 305 HRM to a 176 max and have been working my way up to 30 minutes, adding a minute every run. With the HRM and my lack of in-shapeness, I've been jog-walking. And I just don't see improvement. Okay, I'm the picture of inconsistency, but could my base fitness level be THAT bad? Is my heart rate max too high, since I last set that when I was 24 i/o 28?


    3) I'd been having trouble, with the old shoes, with the muscles just below the ball of my calf tensing up something fierce and forcing foot slap. No good. What's up with that? Is that a shoe thing or a fitness thing?


    So yeah. I'm just wondering what to do shoe-wise and whether to give up running altogether. And geeeez, jog-walking 25 minutes seems like small potatoes, but should I be backing off even more to start? What's the deal?


    All is fair game. Yell at me to tell me I should know better in any way you see fit. I'll thank you in the end.


    Long siiiiigh.

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      I don't really have much in the way of advice, other than to say when you're just starting back to take it very easy.  It may require a little swallowing of the ol' pride, but don't be discouraged with the jog/walk for 25 minutes, or even hitting the C25K program again.  Your brain knows where you've been in the past, but your body can have a shorter memory.  Re-teach it in small chunks, and you'll be back to where you want soon enough.


      Stay consistent, keep it easy, and be smart.

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        Me too, I fall of the wagon once in a while... and I must admit, that the maximum distance I ran never exceeded 10 km.


        When I started running, I used C25K, but every time I restarted I started with one of the 'start2run' variations, and they both go faster than the original start2run (5 K after 10 weeks)


        Variation 1 is for people that ran 5-10 K before, and haven't been running in the last 2 months.  (run 5 k in6 weeks)

        Variation 2 is for people that ran 5-10 K before, and haven't been running in the last 6 months.  (run 5 k in 8 weeks)


        If you'd like, I post one of those schemes here...


        (Since I haven't been running since May, I'll be on training 3 of week 1 in variation 8 tomorrow... - and already skipped one run due to a severe cold last weekend.)

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          Thanks! I'd never heard of that program. C'est utile que je peux lire un peu le francais, mais pour tout le monde qui ne le lisent pas, I think it'd be great if you posted a couple of those options here. I'm not confident enough in my translating abilities to do it...

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            I would say - slow down.   Set your HR max to more like 155 and take it really slow.  Chances are you are just going too fast too soon.


            Also, when you wnet to the running store, did they watch you run or did they just base your new shoe off what you were wearing before?  I have been to running stores that would just say "Oh you used to wear xxxx shoe, that's similar to this shoe.".  YOu really need to make sure they watch you run in them to make sure they are the right shoe for you.


            Oh yeah, and.... slow down.

              Oh yeah, and.... slow down.

              I know it's definitely easier said than done, but I would agree with this. I think we all naturally have a problem with this and have to force ourselves to take it easy especially if just getting back into running. I'm not sure what your heart rate really needs to be but it's probably more critical that you just focus on keeping the runs easy and at a conversational pace. 176 bpm seems like a really high ceiling to set unless you have an unusually high maximum HR (but I'm not an expert on this). I'm usually around 175 or so in my harder tempo runs and my max heart rate (which I only reach while racing) is around 197-198. Don't be afraid to take walk breaks if you start to feel uncomfortable. I think you'd also benefit if you spent more time out there...just glancing at your log and you don't have many workouts that exceed 30 minutes. Your body may not be getting enough time to get the aerobic benefits. Slowing down should also help with the aching knees etc. It is a very slow and gradual process, but just hang in there and spend more time out there if you can.

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                You could do this route too.  Just plan on being out there walking or running for a set amount of time.


                After you walk a while, run for a bit.  Run until you get tired or sore.  Then go back to walking.


                I find that doing it by "feel" is much better than depending upon instruments.


                  One of the best motivators is new equipment. Buy new shoes, possibly that range in cushioning for the pronation. And besides, they'll look new and shiny! But I agree with the other guys, take it slowly, and enjoy the run. 

                    I feel like I'm so slow already, but y'all are right: I'll never build speed if I'm too miserable/injured to stay on my feet. Slow it is.


                    I made a couple of decisions: 1) Return those pesky new shoes. It's too much money to not be overjoyed with the purchase. I'll find something good with some patience. 2) Do C25K again. It really sets me up with a routine and helps me build my stamina and confidence. No harm in doing at least part of it again.


                    Jeff--they did watch me run in each shoe, but never had a comment about what they saw. That was weird. I might try a different store while I'm at it. 


                    Thanks again, guys.

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                      I fear my French is not as good as my English, although here in Flanders (Dutch speaking part of Belgium) we start learning French at age 10, and English only 3-4 years later.


                      The 'basic' Start2Run, as developed by Mieke Boeckx, gets you running 5K in 10 weeks.


                      + means: one minute running

                      0 means: one minute walking.

                      You always start and end with 5 min brisk walking


                      Week 1

                      Day1:  +0+0++00++00+++000  (18 min)

                      Day3: +0+0++00+++000+++000 (20 min)

                      Day5: +0++00++00+++000+++000 (22)


                      Week 2

                      Day1: +0++00++00+++000+++000 (22)

                      Day3: ++00+++000+++000+++000 (22)

                      Day5: +0++00+++000+++000+++000 (24)


                      Week 3 and 4

                      Day1: +0++00+++000+++000+++00 (23)

                      Day3: ++00++0++0++0++0++0++0++0 (25)

                      Day5: +0++00++++000++++000+++++0 (26)


                      Week 5 and 6

                      Day1: ++00+++00+++++000+++++000+++++00 (32)

                      Day3: ++0+++00++++++00++++++00+++++++00 (34)

                      Day5: ++00++++00+++++00++++++00+++++++00 (34)


                      Week 7

                      Day1:+++++0++++++00+++++++00++++++++0 (32)

                      Day3: ++++++++0++++++++00++++++++0++++++++0 (37)

                      Day5:++++++++++00++++++++++00++++++++++++0 (37


                      Week 8 and 9

                      Day1: +++++++++++++++00+++++++++++++++00 (34)

                      Day3:++++++++++0++++++++++++0++++++++++++0 (37)

                      Day5 ++++++++++0++++++++++++++++++++0 (32)



                      Day1: 30min running, with somewhere in between 1 or 2 min walking

                      Day3: 32 min running, with somewhere in between 1 or 2 min walking

                      Day5: 30 min running


                      And on day 7 or 8: run a 5K race!

                      Running in Belgium




                        Variation 1: 5K in 8 weeks



                        - you are already able to run 5 minutes without any problem

                        - you haven't been running for 6 months


                        - you're not overweight



                        Day1: +0++00++00++00+++000 (20 min)

                        Day3: +0++00++00+++000+++000

                        Day5: +0++00++00+++000+++000 (22)



                        Day1:+0++00++00+++000++++0000 (24)

                        Day3: ++00+++000+++000++++0000 (24)

                        Day5: +0++00+++000+++000+++000 (24)



                        Day1: +0++00+++000+++000++++000 (25)

                        Day3: ++00++0++0++0++0++0++0++0 (25)

                        Day5: +0++00++++000++++000+++++0 (27)


                        Week 4

                        Day1: ++00+++00+++++000+++++000+++++00 (32)

                        Day3: ++0+++00++++++00++++++00+++++++00 (33)

                        Day5; ++00++++00+++++00++++++00+++++++00 (34)



                        Day1: +++++0++++++00+++++++00++++++++0 (32)

                        Day3: ++++++++0++++++++00++++++++0++++++++0 (37)

                        Day5: ++++++++++00++++++++++00++++++++++++0 (37)


                        Week6 and 7


                        Day3: ++++++++++0++++++++++++0++++++++++++0 (37)

                        Day5: +++++++++++0+++++++++++++++++++0 (32)



                        As Week 10 in the basic program


                        I will post variation 2 (5k in 6 weeks) and 3 (5k in 15 weeks) tonight.

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                          Awesome. Thanks Anne. Yeah, I have no Dutch at all, so bad French was the best I could do.English is better for me. Smile

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                            Start2Run: Variation 2 - 5K in 6 weeks


                            -You can run for 10 minutes without any problem

                            - You haven't been running for only a few months and want to come back into running

                            - or you do other sports, and want to run in addition to those exercise, e.g. in the 'low season' (don't know how to say that in English).


                            Week 1

                            Day1: +0+0++00++00+++000+++000 (24min)

                            Day3: +0+0++00++00++00+++00+++00 (26)

                            Day5: +0+0++00++00+++00+++00+++00 (27)



                            Day1: ++00+++00+++00+++00++++00 (25)

                            Day2: ++0+++00++++00++++00+++++00 (27)

                            Day 5: ++0+++0+++00++++00++++0+++++00 (30)


                            Week 3

                            Day1: ++0+++0++++00++++00+++++00+++++00 (33)

                            Day3: +++0+++0++++00+++++00+++++00+++++00 (35)

                            Day5: +++0+++0++++0+++++00+++++00++++++00 (35)



                            Day1: ++++0+++++00++++++00++++++00+++++++00 (37)

                            Day3: ++++++0++++++0++++++00++++++0++++++0 (36)

                            Day5: ++++++++0+++++++++00++++++++++00 (32)


                            Week 5

                            Day1: ++++++++++0++++++++++00++++++++++0 (34)

                            Day3:++++++++++0++++++++++++0++++++++++++0 (37)

                            Day5: +++++++++++++++00+++++++++++++++00 (34)


                            Week 6

                            Like in the other variations...


                            Variation 3

                            5k in 15 weeks


                            - You're rather injury-prone


                            - You're slightly to moderately overweight


                            - You're in a very bad condition


                            - You're a heavy smoker


                            - you just want to go really slow and have a lot of patience...


                            Week 1

                            Day1: +0+0++00++00+++000 (18)

                            Day3: +0+0++00+++000+++000 (20)

                            Day5: +0++00++00+++000+++000


                            Week 2

                            Day1: +0++00++00+++000+++000 (22)

                            Day3: ++00+++000+++000+++000 (22)

                            Day5: +0++00+++000+++000+++000 (24)


                            Week 4 and 5

                            Day1: ++0++00+++000+++000+++00 (24)

                            Day3: ++00++0++0++0++0++0++0++00 (26)

                            Day5: +0++00++++000++++000+++++00 (27)


                            Week 6 and 7

                            Day 1: ++0++00+++000++++000+++++00 (27)

                            Day3: ++0++0++0++0++0++0++0++0++0++0 (30)

                            Day5: ++00+++000++++00+++++000++++++000 (33)


                            Week 8 and 9

                            Day1: ++00+++00+++++000+++++000+++++00 (32)

                            Day3: ++00+++00++++++00++++++00+++++++00 (34)

                            Day5: ++00++++00+++++00++++++00+++++++00 (34)


                            Week 10

                            Day1: +++++00++++++00+++++++00++++++++00 (34)

                            Day3: ++++++00++++++++00++++++++00++++++++00 (38)

                            Day5: ++++++++++00+++++++++++00+++++++++++00 (38)


                            Week 11 and 12

                            Day1: ++++++++++00++++++++++00++++++++++++00 (38)

                            Day3: ++++++++00++++++++++++00++++++++++++00 (38)

                            Day5: ++++++++00++++++++++00++++++++++++++++00 (40)


                            Week 13

                            Day1: ++++++++00++++++++++00++++++++++++++++00 (40)

                            Day3: ++++++00++++++++++++00+++++++++++++++000 (40)

                            Day5: +++++++++++++++00+++++++++++++++00 (34)


                            Week 14:

                            Day1: ++++++++++++++++00++++++++++++++++00 (36)

                            Day3: ++++++++++++++00++++++++++++++++++00 (36)

                            Day5: ++++++++++++0++++++++++++++++++++00


                            Week 15

                            Like the last week in the other variations.


                            And finally there is one last variation, also 5k in 15 weeks, but only 2 days of running a week, with the same conditions as the other 5 in 15, but for those who want to do one hour of biking, 1 hour of swimming or one hour of walking instead of the third running training.

                            I'll give that later this evening...

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                              Hi Ann, I think that these kind of programs are fantastic for beginners /  re-starters / other sports types. Wouldn't it be great if people were advised on the benefits of running with heart-rate monitors, at no more than their Maximum Aerobic Factor throughout their training, in order to reap the complete benefits of such well thought out programs?

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                                First of all I'd say stop beating yourself up. It's counterproductive, just accept that you've done the best you could with the situation you're in and then work towards improving things a little bit at a time.


                                I think the key is to be as consistent as you can, even you're running very short distances each day, that's fine, just try and get out there as regularly as you can. I wouldn't woory too much about the heart rate monitor, just run by feel at a comfortable pace. Don't woory about doing any speedwork for now, just try to get in as much easy/steady running as you can reasonably manage. If you're patient, consistent and stay with it, you'll see progress over time.