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    Hi guys! I know most of this forum is distance runners, but I'm hoping y'all might have some insight! I'm an 11th grade Sprinter/Hurdler and I've really struggled recently trying to find a pair of training shoes. Much of the research I've done has only led me to good sprint spikes, which, while appreciated, does nothing to help me during training. I have pretty bad shin splints, so training in spikes really is not an option. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a relatively light shoe that would be good for sprint training.

    A typical week for me during training consists of about 6 miles, but this is all heavy impact sprints. (Meaning something like an 8x200 workout and hurdle practice.) 

    I picked up a pair of Asics Gel Venture 6, which yes, I know is a trail shoe, but I felt like it had good support for a strong fore-foot strike. Was this a good move?

    No one in my area really specializes in sprinting, all of the specialty stores are Cross Country focused, so I was really hoping that someone on here had some advice or at least pointers for what to look for in a sprint training shoe. 

    Thank you so much and I hope you can help Smile!

      You will have to realize that if you want a very light shoe, you will sacrifice stability for less weight. However, you can bet some more cushion. I like the Saucony Fast Twitch and is under 7 oz. If you want more cushion at only an extra ounce, the Suacony Kinvara has a lot of shoe at under 8 oz and still feels light.

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