Avenue of the Giants race and (mostly) trip report (Read 1078 times)


    Nice report, and sounds like your Ave. went much better than my Big Sur (30-40 mph headwinds in parts, ugh).  I love that drive in the Smith River Canyon.  And now I know where to eat next time I'm through Arcata!


    30-40 mph winds- yikes!  I've thought about Big Sur a few times, but it is even further away than the Ave.  You should write up a report of your race.

      They just retired in Grants Pass- you might see them out on hikes or taking some natural history seminars/classes, that kind of thing. I think Christie has joined a hiking group of some sort. They are liberal politically and may get involved on something along that line.  Mick also has Saquatch fever, so if there are any sightings, he'll be there. It was lower Table Rock ( I think- the one furthest to the West), what a neat spot- that oak savanna was interesting, too.


      good! this town needs more liberal politically minded folks!. My DH and I often get so incredibly exasperated at the mentality of people in this town. I could use a bunch of adjectives to describe it but I'd surely offend some people, but it would be along the lines of right wing wackos. Wink

      (we are from Seattle, so quite the change from the progressive area we lived in)


      LOL at Sasquatch fever. My son and his best buddy (12 yr olds) love to sleep out in our camper at night in the summertime and do their sasquatch calls and wear their night vision goggles.


        Wow, a Pt Townsend native ( I grew up in Mt. Vernon- in Chimacum now).  Was '81 the first year for Rhody? I understand it was a full marathon for the first year or two. I just ran it on Sunday for the 15th or 18th or something time- 12K. Great fun and a yearly tradition for me.


        I think 1978 was the first year. In 1981 I was enrolled in a high school PE class called Running and Conditioning (or something like that). The race was one of two final tests. The other test was a 10-mile run.  I was really slow by 1981 standards (most runners were so thin and fast!), but I loved it. I wonder if kids still have the chance to take classes like that?


          Gatsby Bird


          have you ever run the Dipsea up in Marin county?


          Hey just saw this.  No, have not ever done the Dipsea but it's on my bucket list, if I can figure out the right voodoo to get a spot.  I grew up in Mill Valley but didn't start running until many years later.

            very interesting to see how they accept the entries into the Dipsea.    They do openly accept "bribe" money, for real

              Apparently the Dipsea bribes go to charity so I can't complain too much about that, although I'm also not quite desperate enough to bribe my way in!


              Back on topic: I learned that a running club friend was 4th place female finisher at the Ave this year!