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    Does anyone have any combat for the burning and stinging on your face, particularly the cheeks, which with the cooler weather an d yough runs producing a lot of perspiration is killing me. If I touch my cheeks (face, not butt!) after a run it's even worse.

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      Could it be eczema? Reason I ask is when it first started getting warm last Spring I found that I was getting redness and irritation above my eyes...kind of just above the lids. Turned out that I was having some sort of eczemic reaction. The cure was to start wearing a wicking hat year-round to keep the sweat from running into my eyes. Worked like a charm. Until the eczema cleared-up I used some cortizone cream on the affected areas and that really helped. Perhaps give that a try and/or maybe some sort of barrier cream (like Aquaphor). Another thing I do year-round is carry a cotton hanky with me on EVERY run. In the warmer months it helps mop up sweat and in the cooler months it does double duty for sweat and snot. k

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        I use sunscreen on my face even in winter. It helps keep wind chapping down on those chilly mornings!
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          ya, wind chapping, combined with sweat seems to be the issue. You can even feel the graininess of the salts coming out! My neighbor mentioned that vaseline works - which I will try, along with sunscreen. That sounds like a good idea. Maybe I will do a bit of each on half to see which is better. Maybe I will even try mixing Smile cheers

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            Vaseline....= ... SUCCESS!

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              Vaseline....= ... SUCCESS!
              Just what I was going to suggest. Glad it worked for you.

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