Another PR 3200m ! (Read 996 times)

    They run the 300 indoors in MA. And there used to be a 300 IH outdoors but now they run the 400 IH.

    Runners run.

    I've got a fever...

      Yeah, state of Michigan still runs 300m hurdles. To the OP: Congrats on you're PR. I'll bet you've got faster in you -- a 4:58 1600m is equivalent to a 10:38 3200m. Good luck! http://www.attackpoint.org/trainingpaces.jsp?dist=1600&units=meters&time=4%3A58

      On your deathbed, you won't wish that you'd spent more time at the office.  But you will wish that you'd spent more time running.  Because if you had, you wouldn't be on your deathbed.

        I don't remember my own times. I'm lucky to remember the distances. In fact, I don't remember 300m anything, but have seen that at some local meets recently -- when did that show up?

         300m is one of the national champ. distances in Canadian Interuniversity Sport.

          Today at my track meet i ran the smartest race of my life. After 2 PR's in my last track meet (1600-4:58,3200-11:01) I was hoping to go low in the 1600 again today. But I didnt do as well in the 1600 today with 5:00. After the race I was so pumped for the 3200. In previous races Ive gone out to fast and scared off the runners, giving myself no chance of placing. But today I'd promised myself otherwise. I stuck in 4th for the first mile at about 5:30 , keeping a tight position on their first 3 runners. I felt great and felt like i should take off on them. But this time I didn't, I stayed tight on them. The first guy dropped back at about 2000m and about 200 meters later i took out the number two guy. From There I hugged the number 1 guy. As we came to the last 400m we both picked it up, I trailed him until about the 150 were I almost felt like settling for 2nd place. But i thought to myself Its the last race of the meet for me. I took off at the 100 and took first by a few decimals of a second. My final time was 10:56 and it felt really good.

          Nice job buddy!  Very intelligent racing.  

          You're also a pretty good writer.  

          "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus