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    I can't for the life of me figure out why my runs aren't being published to my timeline. They haven't been for ages, but now that I'm back to running on the dreadmill I'd like them published so my runner friends in other cities and keep me motivated. I've gone in to my privacy settings in FB and approved running ahead to publish onto my timeline, but nothing does. I have to look for the separate RA page and actually go into that to see my activity. Is this feature no longer available?

      Eric smiley has said that since facebook keeps changing how the timeline is set up, it would probably require another person working fulltime to keep the facebook app itself up to date.

      Know thyself.


        The FB app is in dire need of an overhaul because FB kept changing its code and does not maintain backward compatibility.  It is on my list of todos, but I currently don't have the resources to fix it immediately.


        eric Smile


          Ah - I see. Good to know, thanks. Just keep us up to date