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    I need to replace my Sauconys.  I just checked my log and I've got 550 miles on one pair of Kinvaras and closing in on 500 on the other.  I thought they were feeling a bit dead lately.  Usually I replace them around 350-400 but since having kids in December, I've found myself running a lot more on the treadmill (which I can do at lunch at work and not take away from family time) so they didn't LOOK as worn out.


    Anyway, I bought the two mentioned above on Cabelas.com for $44.99.  I checked and they don't seem to carry them anymore for men.


    Anyone know a good online source to get these shoes a model or two old?  I don't care about the newest, best colors (my HS XC running days when that mattered are WAY behind me) but I go through probably 4 pairs of these a year so I like to find good deals.  And I've settled on just the Kinvara, they're the best everyday running shoe for me and they're light enough to race in.



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      I searched ebay, limited to 30-60 bucks, and new: Here

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        eastbay is sometimes good for closeouts...looks like they have a few sizes/colors of the 3's for under $60


          Runningwarehouse will have them on clearance from time to time for around $55, I have three pairs in rotation right now that I picked up from their liquidation section.


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