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    This is true for me too. My coach is very good about ensuring I don't over-train, and/or listening to my feedback for signs of over-training.   My coach's philosophy is simply "keep the ball rolling." He believes in doing less not more in terms of quality, but he's a big believer in high mileage. . He'd rather you stay healthy and not miss training, than to risk doing too much and getting injured and side-lined for weeks or months and having to rebuild. This isn't to say all my workouts are easy, as that would be the farthest from the truth.  However, he ensures that everything is part of a progression and there's adequate easy mileage between each key day. 


    I really wish I had this coach when I was young (HS and college) and competing. I feel like I could have done so much better.  Looking back I feel like I was nearly always over-trained and doing the wrong training (way too much gut busting speed work IMO). I should have done more tempo efforts, and more easy mileage.  Perhaps in my next life :-)


    Sounds like I am using the same coach you are, Tom. In my case, I haven't had to communicate all that often with him, since the runs are going well and I haven't had an injury in many months. I'm definitely feeling faster now than I have been before. Most of the value for me has been just getting a running plan tailored for me with my background and goals. I've saved time by not having to wade through multiple different books or online training schedules which are completely generic and do not take into account age and experience. Overall it's definitely worth the price.