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    Ordinarily I would agree with you about the weather; today was an exception.  We had a nasty ice storm last night and my normal winter trail was scary slippery, I tried a second trail and it was, if anything worse, and while the roads were clear, the shoulders were still covered in a quarter inch of ice.  My scheduled 8-mile run today didn't even make it to the one tenth of a mile mark before I called it a day.  Sad


    Yes, ice storms are pretty bad too.  I forget about that nasty weather condition (a rarity in my home state of Utah). The winter streets here in Columbus are a bit more slippery than Salt Lake City.

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      I'm usually running or lifting by 4:45 give or take. Generally anything longer than a 5 miler I save for afternoons or weekend mornings. I remember when I first started running in the mornings I couldn't do much more than 2 miles at a very easy pace. But over time I've gotten up to 8 miles first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.


      95% of my training is done in the morning before I go to work. I know if I didn't run in the morning I wouldn't be getting the mileage I have been doing.Lifting is a little easier to fit in, but running would just be a pain to try and fit in my afternoons/evenings. Thus a lot of the mornings I have to remind myself "If you don't run now, you aren't going to get a run in today."


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        You just have to get up and get it done. If running is important to you then you won't mind going to bed a bit earlier and getting up early. I am in bed by nine almost every night and up at four thirty in the morning. I have to be back by the time my husband leaves for work and when I get home the three kids are almost always up and already going. I know once I am doing my mommy stuff running won't happen. When I first switched to running early in the morning it was a big struggle to form the habit. I wasn't tired by nine and didn't want to go to bed and getting up that early was brutal. But just keep with it, give it a month and you  won't think about it as much anymore. One thing that helps me to stay consistent is to wake up at the same time every morning, i am up at four thirty almost every day. Some days I run five miles and some days ten, but I still get up at the same time. Some mornings i just get extra time to send emails, get myself ready, or have an extra cup of tea


          Perhaps (if it's not too big of a sacrifice) do your longer runs on days when you don't have to go in to work? You can still get up really early, but run the really long distances on the weekends (or whenever you have a rest day from work).