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Kim Ohsfeldt

    I have created a new group called 2015 Pepperhill Elementary Staff. This is a private group and we would like to be able to view our logs and training information. How do we do this?

    an amazing likeness

      A group on RunningAhead does not create shared logs, shared training plans or reports, etc. A group is a collection of RA users and each user still retains their personal log and training plans.


      A group does create a shared message area (Forum) for the members of the group.


      There is a public / private setting on each user's log -- if they have their log set to private, then it is only visible to that user.  If the user's log is set to public, then it is visible to other RA users, including members of the group and beyond, and if set to "group only", for groups.


      For example, your log is current private and I can't view it. My log is currently public and you can view it. Looking at your group's 5 members, it looks like all have their logs set as private. Need to set it one of these two public settings via Options -> Log


      Only allow members in my groups to view my log

      Allow everyone to see my running log

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      A Saucy Wench

        HOWEVER you can allow anyone with the password to see your private log so you could make a uniform password for the logs of anyone in your group. (each individual would have to add it).  This is a separate password from your login password


        OR you can check "Allow anyone in my groups to see my log"  which would accomplish what you want but know that if you join any other groups they will be able to see it as well


        Or just make it public like most of us Smile


        All of this is under OPTIONS   Log Preferences

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