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Tiny Dancer

    Excuse my noobness. Im having a problem entering a time value. I type in say 30 or 30m or 30:00 trying to get it to take it as 30 minutes but it wont accept it and I keep getting a red colored greeting telling me that its "invalid" What am I doing wrong?
      The only think I can think of for this is maybe are you trying to put your run time in the "time of day" slot? Otherwise, 30:00 should work just fine. If that doesn't fix the problem perhaps Eric can take a look at it tomorrow. Let us know!

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        Wingz is right. 30:00 should be fine. The display of error messages depends on your browser. IE will clear the error messages when you click out of the field, while Firefox won't clear it until you click "Save". To the right of the time field is an example of what it should look like. Let me know if you can't get it to work. eric Smile
        Tiny Dancer

          Thanks gang. Seems to work fine this morning. No clue what my problem was yesterday. Probably just having a "senior moment".
            similar issue here. sometimes it does not calculate the km/h (miles/h) immediately. then it won't accept, and you get the "red colored greeting". it usually works after some clicking around in the other fields. (i use firefox 2.0 btw.) cheers, h.
              henning, Can you come up with a list of steps to reproduce this problem? Or is it sporadic? eric Smile
                eric, i could not reproduce the alleged error today. but what i noticed is, that when you get the red error message after misstyping or forgeting to enter something in one of the other fields, the pace is regularly not calculated, viz "n/a" - even if it has been calculated in the first place. so in this case, you have to click into the "duration"-field and place the cursor at the end of it, to have the pace calculated again. if you don't do that, you will get the red error message anew. this is somewhat confusing. because when you have forgotten to enter - say - the time of day, you change that and the error message is still there, due to the fact that the pace is now "n/a". cheers, h. update: i just have encountered the problem as described in my first posting. the pace was only calculated after i "tabed" back into the "duration"-field. i can't reproduce it, though.