Do you listen to music when you run? (Read 156 times)


    There are some great apps out there for run tracking (RunKeeper, Nike+)  that include music applications. Would any of you be interested

    in an app that has the run tracking features but also is more heavily linked with music functions? For instance being able to drag and drop music tracks onto your running route before your run so that they load automatically based on your gps coordinates. I appreciate your input.

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        No. Thanks for asking.


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                  I appreciate those of you taking time to respond to the poll.I am slightly surprised that there are so few people that run without music. I seem to see more people running with music out on the trails. It would be interesting to see the a further breakdown of the demographics of those who run with music versus those who do not (eg. age, gender, running experience).


                    Yes but only when i'm out on my own. If i run with someone else or in a race then i think it's rude.

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                      I still listen to music when running on the treadmill, but I quit doing it on outdoor runs and I don't miss it.

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                        I am slightly surprised that there are so few people that run without music.


                        The poll indicates the majority of people run without music.

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                          Always except in races. I run by myself most of the time. I can see that it might be good to get a particular track to motivate you through a tough section, or a hill.


                            I love run without music. you can listen the nature sound

                              I love music, but I find it too distracting while running.  I could also say that running is too distracting while listening to music.  Smile   Also, my favorite genres of music, classical and electronic ambient, do not really fit well with running.