Martial Arts, anyone? (Read 423 times)

    Does anyone on RA also practice martial arts? How do you fit it in with your running? Does one take a priority over the other for you? I spent almost a whole year in 2005-2006 practicing beginner level Aikido, and I really loved it. It started to conflict with my schedule, as most of the classes took place at the same time as my kids' evening routine once he entered 1st grade - homework, soccer, etc. I am jonesing to start back up. Besides the schedule thing, when I started Aikido, the kiza (kneeling up on your toes - it really stretches the tendon in the sole of your foot) gave me planar fasciitis enough so that I quit running. It was only after stepping away from Aikido that I started this, my most successful go to-date at running. I can negotiate my evening schedule with DW and kids, but am reluctant to introduce something that may jeopardize my progress in running. Sad Smile (should have put this in cross-training... Confused)
      I've been training in kobudo (classical martial arts) since March 2004 in a dojo in Marietta, GA. Training is the reason I started running so there was never confusion on which has the higher priority. I think the two can go hand-in-hand though. For me training requires the total package and what I take out of running is the stamina and mental toughness. My art, like aikido, typically requires a partner to practice techniques with. Unless your son likes wrist locks and being thrown, it means you have to show up for class. As you explained that isn't always possible but missing class a few times doesn't mean you can't train by yourself. I constantly challenge myself to find ways to train while out of the dojo, perhaps not smacking my partner around, but running, strength training, meditating, stretching, shadowboxing the basics, and simply being more aware will definitely help with your aikido training. Obviously nothing beats mat time. Hope this helps.
        I've been a student of a style of kung fu called Choy LI Fut for the last 5+ years, and i also study submission grappling. I train 3 or 4 nights a week, including "live" training (grappling and sparring against other students). During the same period, i've run 9 marathons and numerous shorter races. I've got a wife, kids, and a job; so the short answer is "yes", you can do both. The disadvantages include a constant struggle to maintain flexibility in your hips and hamstrings, and the significantly increased probability that you will suffer some sort of injury that curtails your training. On the plus side, i've actually had fewer running-related injuries, which i attribute in part to vastly better balance and strength in my lower legs and ankles. My personal feeling is that most martial arts provide an excellent complement to running. The aerobic base you get from running will help in the martial arts, and the flexibility and anaerobic training you get in the martial arts will keep you running. Both have a very similar mental aspect of finding and overcoming the limits of your pain threshold.