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    Kevin Beck, "Looking Behind The Training Log"


    A typical example was planning to do a medium-long run with a tempo portion at the end on Tuesday, a set of fast 400s on Thursday and a Sunday long run at a modest effort. This was in January in New Hampshire, and what happened instead was that I found myself working late on Tuesday, necessitating pushing back the 13-miler to Wednesday morning. That put the kibosh on the Thursday intervals, and with a blizzard expected during the weekend, I decided to do the long run Friday morning and include a good portion of it at goal marathon pace. When the storm failed to materialize, this left Sunday open, and so, tired from but not ravaged by the Friday run, I did 8 x 400 instead of the 16 I had originally scheduled. While this generated an impressive enough week, it wasn’t what I had crafted in advance.

    "If you have the fire, run..." -John Climacus


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