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    Meg - Congrats on your sub 2!!! Big grin What's next on your racing schedule?


    Zelanie - I'm glad you're rested and feeling better. I learned the hard way that running most of my runs too fast eventually catches up with me. It's hard to keep the pace down though, especially when you're feeling strong. You made a good call to spread the miles out - you still hit your 40 mpw goal, but did it the smart way. I've read so much lately about doing just that; not letting the long run be such a high % of the weekly miles.


    sdizazzo - Way to go on your sub 2! I hope your soreness subsides soon - it usually does.


    Luke - Woohoo!!! Sounds like you fought for your sub 2 and definitely came out on top! Holding the pace when your body is screaming at you to slow down is soooo hard, but you did it. Nice job.


    Chris - How was it? Those temps are crazy for Ft. Lauderdale, that's for sure.


    Nathan - You've got a sweet streak going! And it sounds like all the miles are agreeing with you.


    blue - Hang in there - you can still have a great race! Showing up to the starting line rested and healthy beats injured and tired every time.


    bpink - You're probably running your half right about now. Good luck, and please let us know how it went.


    Edith - Have you ever thought about doing an ultra? Like a 50 mile trail race? I think you'd do amazing with one of those. Nice job on those hill repeats!


    docjen - I hope the rest of your birthday was as great as the start. How's the hip flexor feeling now? I agree with you - with your marathon this close, healing should be your first priority.


    JML - I hope someone took you up on your offer. How was the run?


    Me - I've been able to run outside for 3 days in a row! That's a record for Wyoming winters. Today was pretty brutal - the wind was a lot worse than I thought, so going west was a pain party. Last week was a really low mileage week for me (20 total), but I think my body needed it. I'm feeling ready to go again. My next race isn't until the end of April, and it's a 10 miler, so I'm not following any specific plan right now. I think I've transitioned to my Altras without any major problems - did 8 miles in them yesterday, and other than feeling like my lower legs were working hard, everything felt good.

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      JML - I hope someone took you up on your offer. How was the run?



      The race is this coming Sunday on the 24th.  If anyone here is running it as their attempt at sub 2, I would be happy to be your pacer.  I had originally signed up to pace a friend from my running group but they have been visited by the injury fairy.   The registration for the race is still open if anyone here is in the NYC area.


      Registration link

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      If you ask

        Jan -  it sounds like your body needed a lighter mileage week and you are reaping the benefits now, and in awesome shoes!   Good for you!  I am considering an ultra, probably a 50k, if I find one that is doable.  I am looking at either an urban ultra (Philadelphia) with 24 hours to run as many 8.4 mile loops as you can, or the Labor Pains trail ultra put on by my favorite trail running group (yes, the same group who hosts Chilly Cheeks, which I'm running this Sunday).


        Megruns  and sdizazzo and Luke - Congratulations!!!  Doing a happy dance for all of you!


        Zelanie -  you are really getting in some great miles.  Good to see you were able to get some decent sleep and take care Of yourself.   Tough runs suck but sure do make the good runs sooooo great!


        Chris - we are, indeed, strange but that's also why we love each other so much, haha.


        Me -  I had a great 5 mile tempo ruN on Friday, with my pace starting at 9:30 and ending at 8:15.   Was nice to see the pace increase naturally.     My training plan had me running 11 on Saturday, and it started snowing at mile 4.   We were running with the snow hitting us in the eyes but it was surely fun!   I was supposed to run on Sunday but I don't like going into the woods when the wind is extremely high so I waited to run today.  I was planning to run 6 miles but my body was feeling tired and my thoughts were complaining so I decided to do what any decent coach would do and forced myself to run 8 miles instead, with the last mile up and down hills.  I won't hear me complaining any time soon!


        Stay safe and run strong!

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          Pcaharrier – good call in tapering before the race! One more quick run! Long run at 9 min/mile! You are going to finish HM well under 2:00


          Chris T – how did your race go?


          Doctorjen – belated happy birthday! Interesting way to celebrate birthday by having a tempo run at 5 am! 4 miles at 8:24 pace is very quick!


          Luke79 – congratulations in running HM under 2:00! Kudos to your friend in motivating you when you needed the most!


          EdithRevisited – good job in running 5, 5 and hill repeats. Good luck with your trail race!


          Zelanie – I am sorry that your LR didn’t go as you expected, but it is great that in spite of not feeling 100% you went out and got some mileage. great job in adjusting your weekend mileage to get desired weekly mileage.


          Me – had long run on Saturday. Generally I do low key activity on Sunday as I am recovering from my long run, but this Sunday friends decided to play ultimate Frisbee so I played with them. Felt very sore on Sunday night. My original plan was to run at HM pace today, but didn’t feel like doing it and ended up getting slow 6 miles

            I am sad and disappointed to report that I failed on my attempt.


            It was shockingly cold for a 20+ year Florida resident. 20+ mph winds gave us a feels like temperature in the mid-30's. The temps did though provide some welcomed relief from our recent heat and humidity...that is once the race started.


            I felt absolutely prepared for a successful effort; strong, relaxed, and comfortable with all pre-run preparations. I cruised easily through the first six miles at an overall pace of 9:06. (The first two miles were slower due to congestion @ 9:30 pace, miles 3-6, into the wind, averaged 8:53) I felt great: easy effort with no aerobic stress or fatigue. Halfway through mile 7 my right calf started to tighten, by the end of that mile so did my left calf, pace slowed to 9:18. In the next mile both cramped hard. I stopped to try and stretch them and to try some pressure point release. Mile 8 dropped to 10:39 pace. The more I tried to run, the more my body revolted. Despite a mixture of run/walk, my left hip and quad, right quad, both feet, and then left hamstring cramped. I'm sure that I must have been subconsciously altering my gait/stride to get around the calf pain and that that most likely contributed to the rest.


            The rest of the way I just jogged/walked. Felt like a death march. The final mile or so it was more painful to walk than jog, so I just hobbled in from there. (I swear I remember someone on crutches passing me.)


            This cramping stuff is somewhat new to me. I have been having a problem with something developing near the joint on the bottom of my left big toe. It gets sore as my feet swell on longer runs. Perhaps that is a cause, I'm having it looked at tomorrow. I also ordered a pair of those highly-fashionable calf guards by 2XU, maybe those will help. Today, and yesterday, my calves feel like Mike Tyson pounded on them for twelve rounds. Maybe I'm just not tough enough.


            2:13:41  I wasn't going to take a participant medal at the finish. I didn't think I'd earned one. Then again, I'm not entirely certain that I have ever deserved one more. So I took one. Both to keep as a reminder and to act as a lure to future success.

              Luke79, sdizazzo, and megruns, congrats on going sub 2!!


              ChrisT - sometimes things just don't work out.  Sorry you weren't able to make your sub 2, sounds like it just wasn't in the plans that day.  Dealing with weather that is way different than what you trained at is always a big hurdle.  I use compression socks (sleeves actually, they go from my annkle to just under my knee, I use the CEP brand) on my long runs and I do think it helps at least with recovery.


              Me - streak still going, ran a 14.6 long run Saturday and 8.1 on Sunday.  14.6 was at a 9:22 pace with 2 really big hills and my avg HR was 77% which was right in line with what I was targeting.  Ended up with 57.8 miles on the week for a record for me.  This week is a cut back week, only 52 miles and 2 - 10 mile easy runs this weekend instead of the moderate long run.


              Trying to decide on whether to run a local 1/2 marathon on April 6th before my goal marathon on May 5th.  I think it wouldn't mess up my training plan too bad and it is a flatish course and I think I could probably go sub 1:50 on it if I worked at it and the weather turned out decent.  Still have a long time before I have to decided one way or the other though.

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                Luke: Well, you cut that fine, but it's in the record bookks as a sub 2. Sounds like yu really dug deep there, well done for not giving in


                Dizazzo, MegRuns: congrats! which race was it? How about a race report?


                Chris: you cross the finish line, you deserve the medal! Some of the top soccer players get a medal for sitting on the bench!


                JML: Did the Manhattan Half end of Jan which is two complete loops. The North-West corner and the top half of the North side is quite testing, especially second time around. It left its sequels  (see below...)


                Jan: I feel like a softy when I talk about the NJ winter compared with your Wyoming winter. But it is not so much the cold, I am more concerned about running on ice in the dark


                Me: Injury blues! decided to take advantage of the poor weather to take a break and allow my achilles to heal. In addition to the Achilles, I have a pain - a bit of a tear I think - at the very bottom of the left calf. After 8/9 days break, did 1 mile on TM on Friday and then some road running (6m) on Saturday. Went out for another run today and decided to stop after a little more than 2 miles as bottom of right calf was starting to hurt again, and could tell there was no point continuing. I have never had trouble in this area before, but I have been carrying this since the hilly half marathon end  of Jan in Central PArk. I guess there is no other solution than to rest..... May marathon is out, but honestly not to bothered about that. But hope I will be able to get back to running within a couple of weeks, and get in some shorter races and a HM. And be ready June 1st to start training for a Fall marathon. I've been through worst with my PF, this lay-off should be a lot shorter, but still a little annoying to put it mildly....I'll try to keep busy at the gym and with walking and cross-training

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                  Meg- Congratulations on getting that sub-2!


                  Jan- Glad you've been able to get some outside runs in!


                  Edith- You are one tough coach!


                  Hector- Ultimate sounds like some good XT!


                  Chris- Sorry the race was a tough one for you.  It sounds like you earned that medal in a big way getting yourself to the finish line, though!  I'm hoping that you recover well and can go after that goal another day.


                  npaden- As a completely uninformed novice, I would think that a month between the two races would be fine, as long as you felt like it wouldn't jeopardize your last week or two of pre-taper training.


                  me- Got my first 13.1 mile LR in today!  I was a little bit worried because since I had moved some miles to the weekend, it was my 6th day in a row of running.  But the recovery pace yesterday must have done the trick, because I went out feeling fresh today.  My struggles last week were enough to make me keep it slow- 9:53 pace.  My legs were burning the last couple, but I still had the strength to finish strong, and my last mile was my fastest by a tad.


                    Congrats to Luke79, MegRuns, sdizazzo and ChrisT on your races! And yes ChrisT--we all have bad runs and it stinks yours was during a race. But it sounds like you're motivated and will be sub-2 in the next one for sure.


                      Luke79 and MegRuns - Congratulations on achieving your goals!  So what's next?  Smile


                      me - Jacksonville was COLD COLD COLD.  The course was beautiful with a 3 mile (?) run on the beach.  It was inspiring to run alongside so many breast cancer survivors and those running in their honor.  Anytime you felt tired, you only had to think about all the people fighting cancer!  There was a bridge around mile 11 and it was brutal.  The wind was against us and it felt like we would never reach the top.  When we got to the top there was a huge crowd of spectators cheering us on to the finish.


                      My partner and I started behind the 2:00 pace group (galloway) and it was kind of busy with all the run/walk, so we scooted ahead of them and finished in 1:57:55, SEVEN minutes under our goal!  185th out of 3000+ women and 34th out of 356 in my AG.

                      2013 Goals:

                      5K: 25:00

                      10K: 52:00

                      Half: 2:00:00


                        @MegRuns - welcome to the club.  Isn't it great?


                        @bpink76 - next up for me is that elusive sub 25:00 5k








                        Super B****

                          Luke79, sdizazzo, and megruns, congratulations on achieving your goals!


                          ChrisT, I'll probably be joining you in the "missed in" camp... barring a miracle, anyway.  Sometimes races just suck for no good reason.  You'll get it next time!


                          As for me -- I'm pretty sure my foot is better.  I'm going to resist the temptation to squeeze in a couple of longer runs, so that means I'm going to have a four-week taper instead of a two-week taper, but my primary goal here is to come home in one piece.

                          chasing 5:59


                          because i never shut up ... i blog

                            Wow, seems like a bunch of people hit their goal all at the same time, awesome and congrats bpink, luke79, sdizazzo and anyone else I have missed!


                            For those of you running in the cold - my race was the coldest temp I have ever run in.  At one point I took off my glove and touched my face and felt ICE.  I knew I had ice in my eyelashes but not on my bare skin!  I think that's actually why I made the goal - I couldn't wait to get out of the freaking cold.  Two degrees at start and 14 when I finished (according to my car).  This was the first race I've ever run where the race director had to shoo all the runners to the starting line; we were all huddled in the nearby highschool and didn't want to leave for the start.  It was a small race in Portage, MI, and the organization was wonderful, particularly since it was the first time they staged it.


                            Bluerun, hope you are feeling better soon, and Chris I have definitely been in your shoes before - you will get it next time.


                            Just registered for the Chicago marathon - I am scheduled for the Ottawa marathon in May, the Napa to Sonoma half in July and now Chicago in October.  Anyone else running one of those?


                              Chris T – I am sorry to hear that things didn’t work out for you. But kudos to you for finishing the race inspite of cramps and that in 2:13!


                              Npaden – that 14.6 milers was quick! Congratulations in longest distance for the week PR!


                              Two-Foot-Shuffle – sorry to hear that you are battling with injuries. Try to rest till you feel better and hopefully you would be back running in 10 days or so


                              Zelanie – congratulations on running HM distance!


                              Me – was still feeling sore from the weekend. Delayed hard run for one more day and ended up running easy 6.2 miles on TM today

                                Thanks to all of you who took the time send positive thoughts about my result. You've made me more forgiving of my experience. Congrats, also, to the many of your who accomplished the deed. I'm not much of an online conversationalist (hell, I'm not even on the facebook for crying out loud) but follow this thread pretty religiously. When one of you succeed, I feel like I did as well in some small way.


                                I saw my podiatrist yesterday. I have a secondary sesamoid bone growing at the base of the first joint in my left big toe. It is growing at a 90% angle to the ground. (The doc said it is the largest he has ever seen, and he's not particularly young. Woo hoo.) Since that is the main push off point when running, the body creates a hard callous to try and protect itself from the trauma occurring. He tried some in-office procedures to alleviate the pain. If that doesn't take, surgery will be needed. I hope it takes.


                                There is a strong possibility that my trying to make in-run adjustments to manage around that pain is what is causing my cramping issues. Altering my gait has to be stressing my legs in new and different ways. Hopefully these procedures will work and I'll get a chance to find out soon.


                                I have also decided to spend a couple of months experimenting with heart-rate workouts. (Looking at you, Nathan.) I've always had a monitor but never really used it control workout efforts. I'm excited to see how that works out.


                                Again, huge congrats to Meg, sdiz, Luke, etal. I'm very jealous and hope to join your ranks in the future. Cheers!