Come back from injury (Read 98 times)

    I'm coming back from a long layoff with a groin/hip injury. I have no pain standing or walking. I haven't tried running more than down a hallway or up the steps in my house. I have no pain while I'm doing it. But hours afterwards I feel dull, but noticeable pain in my upper inner groin/hip. Is it too soon to begin light running? Or am I being paranoid.


    This is the background on the injury.


     About 6 weeks ago I had a pretty weird upper groin hip injury. The injury occurred on an easy run. So I'm not sure what the cause was.


    I have two theories. (I think it's the first.)


    1) I did something foolish. My work sched forced me to drastically reduce my weekly miles. I did this while extending my long runs with friends that were marathon training and half marathon training. To boot I probably ran these runs too hard.


    2) Had recently been diagnosed with Mild Stenosis. in my lower back.


    The pain was about a 6. And it was weight bearing pain for about a week. At first I feared stress fracture and was going to schedule an appointment with the Ortho. But after a week it didn't hurt to stand anymore. So I decided to wait it out.

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