Does use of this site actually help you run more? (Read 852 times)

A Saucy Wench

    I know I responded already but then I really thought about it.  For sure more.  I remember a time where I thought 20 mpw, week in and week out was just crazy.  And 1200 miles a year was seriously freaking high mileage - possibly stupid.  Now thanks to the yahoos on this site I feel sad and pathetic  that I am currently limiting to 25-30 mpw.

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    "When I got too tired to run anymore I just pretended I wasnt tired and kept running anyway" - dd, age 7

      Definitely. Being able to set up a training plan while I'm awake and caring about my goals helps me to stay motivated when I wake up far too early and would otherwise just hit the snooze button. The graphs and streak widget also help me keep myself on track, and being able to compare current week/month mileage with previous weeks and months help me to push myself further so I can compete against myself. Smile

      2014 goals:

      1. Run a minimum of 1.5 miles every single day of the year

      2. Run 1500 miles in 2014

      3. Get my weekly mileage above 40

      4. Brown belt in Shaolin Kempo

      5. First Half (Oregon Wine Country HM?)

      6. PRs: Sub-21 5k, Sub-45 10k, Sub-45 Spartan Sprint, Sub 1:55 HM (Oregon Wine Country HM)




        Just B.S.

          Not really but it's fun to connect with more than just local runners.  Hubby is a marathoner as well

          so I get lots of running talk at home but it's still fun to come here.


          I use running forums to learn about races we might want to do. Great to have first hand unbiased

          feedback from fellow runners.


          I ran for 11 years (and with no Garmin), 16 halfs and dozens of other races  before I joined RW 3

          years ago, while training for my first full, and now RA just a few months ago.


          I don' t use charts or check other people's. Didn't need any external motivation to  run then, don't

          need it now, it's just part of my life.


          Plus the melt down threads can be very entertaining.


              I know I responded already but then I really thought about it.  For sure more.  I remember a time where I thought 20 mpw, week in and week out was just crazy. 


              I was just thinking about this the other day...I found RA a few years after I started running...back then I remember thinking getting anything over 9 miles M-F was big time, that that kind of mileage was just for Saturdays, and Sundays were for resting. Heh. Yeah, both the log and the community have helped me run more.

              Roadrunner's Apprentice

                Tracking my runs on this site has been great.  Definitely lets me know when I've been slacking off.  I like the new additions with setting and tracking goals.  Seeing that now is pushing me to stay ahead of the target pace.

                2014 Goals:

                - sub-26 5K : sub-56 10K : 1st half marathon

                - Tell my excuses to shut up and lace up...

                  Yes. And too much at times!


                  —our ability to perform up to our physiological potential in a race is determined by whether or not we truly psychologically believe that what we are attempting is realistic. Anton Krupicka

                    I think so indirectly. It makes me spend more time thinking about running.... which I guess is an inspiration to run more, and wanting to do better, which makes me run more.





                      I would attribute all of my masters PRs , to some extent, to RA....being a member of this community has made a huge difference.

                        What Mikey said.

                        Sit on a potato pan, Otis.


                          New to the board. This was exactly what I hoped to gain from joining this online community! Very inspiring. Smile


                            Yes, definitely.  RW did, too, but RA's variety of charts and tools are even more effective.  That dang pacebunny is solely responsible for a couple extra miles already this year.


                            But mostly, it's the community, hanging out here more and participating more in a bit smaller a community.  Six months ago, I envisioned myself running for the rest of my life, but at about  20 miles a week, average.   Not any more.  Now, I think 30-35.  And higher when training for a race. (I only race once or twice a year).

                              Yep, I did leave off one of the biggest reasons for me as well:  The Community.  In several ways that motivates as well.  From seeing the kind of mileage that folks are doing, to getting advice on how to prepare for upcoming races... And I would argue that one of the biggest benefits is being able to say something like "I want to attempt to run 75ish+ miles in a 24 hour race, any advice?"  And to actually get a ton of great advice.

                              When I mention to my family, coworkers, or my sedentary friend collection that I want to run for 24 hours straight, they all think I have lost my mind!  (Well, maybe I have, but that was long before running...) Big grin


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                              Squidward Bike Rider

                                ---Just added the pace Bunny and a 2013 mile in 2013 goal.   I find that I want to run more miles than I otherwise would in order to push out ahead of that guy and put a cushion of miles between me and him. :-)  (Or is the pace rabbit a she? :-) )


                                ^^^This, exactly...I also have a goal of 2013 in 2013, and I'm looking to either stay as close to or ahead of the pace bunny as possible.