How can I make my user group show up when you search for it? (Read 64 times)


    A few years ago, I created a user group for my running club, the "Somerville Road Runners".  That's what I named the group.


    In the time since, I have been telling club members that they could join the group if they joined RunningAhead.  But someone just told me -- and I just confirmed it -- that my group does not show up when you search for it..  Whether you type just "Somerville" or the full name, it's not there.  And if you browse through the various categories of groups and look alphabetically, you will not see it either.


    In fact, it appears that the only way to get to it is to have the direct link;




    (and no, it doesn't show up if you search for "SRR" either)


    Is there any way I can make my group show up in a search?





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      Joe -- in the Setup page for the group, do you have the Access selection set to Public ?

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        Hi Joe,


        I think the reason it was not searchable is that the group had become dormant--nobody had posted a message in over 6 months. I joined, posted a test message, and now searching "Somerville" finds your group.




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          I know this reply is coming a almost two months after you posted the solution.  I guess I neglected to subscribe to the topic when I created it so I didn't know anyone had replied.


          Just wanted to say thanks for your replies.  I think the test message is probably what did it as I had made the group public.  But appreciate all replies