Saucony Grid Type A4 (sizing) (Read 1978 times)

    I used the runblogger discount off the which gave me 10% off the sales price.  I tried the FB link but for some reason it wouldn't take.  It said it was accepted but it wouldn't show up at at checkout.  So I killed my browser session and went in through runblogger and it worked.  The additional $3.49 I could have saved with the FB discount wasn't worth worrying about.


    The FB code is strange, it either works for an item or it doesn't.  I'm guessing in this case clearance does not equal sale?  


    Looks like a damned nice shoe mikey, comparable to the Hyperspeed.  I loved the Hypers, but only got 300 miles out of a pair before the sole was gone.  If the sole of the A4 is your concern, they might surprise you.  I just decided to retire my first pair of Kinvara, I didn't think they would hold up but I got over 600 miles and could have squeezed out a few more if I really wanted to.

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