Old running shoes (Read 124 times)



    what shoe are your using?

    Some are better than others for PF, and for long life, for that matter.

    Cutting to the chase, I've had good luck for PF mitigation with Mizuno Wave Riders and with Brooks Glycerines.

    If you have PF or similar issues, don't use a shoe for more than 300 miles. I've done test with an old shoe on one foot and a new one of the same brand/model on the other, and you can really feel the difference when presented in such a straight forward way.


    brooks ravenna 10.

    i have been eyeing the Mizunos...waiting for a sale ;-)

    smart/interesting test. it totally does make a difference 300 or so miles later. i feel it in my foot (pain)!!

    i will check out the glycerins too.

    i tried out the brooks adrenaline and they were way too heavy for me. bad ankle cramps.

    i was also told by the local store guy for me: asics gt 2000, saucony guide iso, and on cloud i think it was..to address my PF


      what do you guys do with your retired shoes if they still “look” good but just don’t provide the support you in particular need?

      i feel horrible just throwing them out..they were pricey but don’t have the cushioning. My local store just chucks them. My husband says it’s not nice to donate things that aren’t good enough for you anymore. But I say, there could be someone who doesn’t have plantar fasciitis and just needs shoes to walk in...?


      A LRS has a "deal" with a homeless shelter and give them old shoes. Last time I  brought shoes that were pretty worn (one pair had 1000 miles) and the guys said they would probably walk 1000 more.

      Other than that, I give my good shoes I just don't like to my   nephew, some become lawn mowing shoes, some for the garage, and so on.

      Proud run commuter since 2017